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Daytime Recipes

CBS Soap Recipes by Dani


Faith Snyder healthy dip by Dani

We have watched with great sympathy as Faith has battled, along with her mom, an eating disorder. She seems truly happy when hanging with Parker, who seems to be a really good kid, even though he has his own problems. The pre-teen duo is great on screen together. While doing homework, or helping Paul conquer his visions and bad reputation, a fun yet healthy snack for Faith and Parker to chow down on is “Snyder Pond” Dip.

Beginning with fat free or low calorie cream cheese, preferably whipped, soften and mix Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix with cream cheese. Add Blue food coloring for fun!

On a plate, surround with gold fish crackers and pretzel sticks for logs. Veggies can be added for variety. This is so easy and colorful, adults will enjoy snacking on this dish. It's also great for a theme party luau, pool party, summer time cook out, or 4th of July celebration.

Nikki Newman Cheesy Nut Salad

I served this salad in my restaurant, and it was hands-down the most popular salad and one of the most popular menu items. I always had the CBS soaps on at the restaurant, and it was only natural that this salad be paired with Nikki. I can see her at the Athletic Club, or ordering this salad from a local deli.

Start with cleaned mixed greens and herbs. For herbing your greens, use whatever you have on hand, shake dried herbs onto your greens, and mix. You would be surprised what this will add to a salad. I prefer an Italian or Greek herb mix, available on your spice aisle.

Top with crumbled Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola Cheese (these are both very potent cheeses, so use sparingly, about 1/3 of a cup of each or less, depending on your taste), slices of fresh pear, fresh mushrooms, cucumbers and sweet cherry tomatoes, Craisins (cranberry raisins), almond slices, and walnut pieces. Serve with raspberry vinaigrette.

Victoria's Tuna Tomatoes by Dani

Vicky Newman-Carlton, who is close to and often lunches with her mother, especially as of recent, would most likely order a stuffed tomato for lunch. There is more to it than you would think. Victoria seems to be a very health- and weight-conscious person and now nutrition is more important than ever with a pregnancy that seems to be giving her trouble. Although I believe we would all agree it isn’t biological, but the many stresses she has been under professionally and personally may affect her pregnancy.

If you are watching your weight or health, try this for lunch. Take a large firm, yet ripe tomato, and cut the top off, leaving about a four inch hole. Hull out as if preparing a pumpkin to be a Jack-O-Lantern. Mix cooked but fresh tuna, or well drained canned tuna, with mayo (Duke’s if available) Use approximately ¼ cup mayo for every 1 ½ of tuna. Also add sliced or chopped black olives (a 3 oz can), and 1/3 cup of sunflower kernels. Salt and Pepper to taste. Mix and scoop into tomato and chill well before serving. If serving at a ladies' luncheon or any event, you want to make a simple yet impressive garnish with an anchovy filet. Serve with pita chips.

Carly’s Meatloaf by Dani

Who doesn’t remember Carly raising her own children, plus JJ, the child of one of many enemies as if he were her own. We have seen Carly swimming in money and having nothing. One thing that has been certain is when at home, she is the all-American mom. Meatloaf is the staple of mid-Western life and Carly is that blue collar (for the most part) mom and/or wife that would make meatloaf for her family. We have seen Carly really step out of that typical housewife and soccer mom routine time and time again, giving her a fiery personality. That is why we love her or hate her, that unpredictable, always-scheming woman, but wanting a normal life with the man she loves, and their kids.

In a mixing bowl, add ½ lb of regular breakfast sausage to 1 lb. of ground beef. Set aside. In a sauce pan, reduce on low heat a jar of strawberry preserves. This is delicate, so do not burn! When liquefied, add ½ cup of juice from a jar of jalapeno slices. Pour mixture into bottom of greased loaf pan. Pack raw meat into loaf pan. With a finger, poke through meat before baking, until you touch the bottom of the pan. Do this about 6 times for the average loaf pan.

Bake on 375 degrees. When cooked, immediately remove from oven and turn loaf out onto pan or plate, then let cool 7-10 minutes. Preserves mixture will remain liquefied and run down into loaf after cooking, spreading flavor “sweet and heat” throughout the meat. Slice and serve. If entertaining, I suggest garnishing with a sliced strawberry and jalapeno ring.


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