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Daytime Recipes

CBS Soap Recipes by Dani


Buzz and Olivia Wedding Cake

Buzz is a simple man with simple tastes, except for his taste in women…. Remember the jewel thief, Jenna (Coop’s mom)? He has been known to court Alex at one time, and of course, there’s also the high-living self-made woman, Olivia that he stole away from his police chief son. However, Olivia who has been married to two Lewis men (Josh and Little Bill) and two Spaulding men (Alan and Phillip), has been wined and dined by royalty and is now settling down with the most all-American guy in town. Will she leave her high society ways behind to plan the perfect wedding…?

Well, if not, here is a nice compromise that will leave guests wanting more. This simple cake recipe does not have to be used exclusively for a wedding. I recently sent mini-cupcakes to school for my daughter’s class for St. Patrick’s Day. This is also a great Spring or Summer cake.

Simply start with a strawberry cake mix (any boxed brand will do). Substitute Sprite for water or milk, and butter for oil. A dash of lime juice can be added for an extra zing. Bake in any fashion you want: cake, cupcakes……

Use whipped white icing. Scoop into a bowl and add Champagne flavoring (this can be purchased at a cake supply store) and food coloring to match your event.
If you want to make a layered cake with filling, pipe a thin line of icing along the edge of the bottom layer, to build a wall so your filling will not seep out when you place the top layer on. Depending on event or taste, you have a couple of options for a tasty filling…

1. Fresh strawberries 2. Strawberry jam or preserves (use sparingly because this is a sweet cake and icing to begin with) 3. White chocolate pudding or mousse 4. My preference: white chocolate mousse AND thin fresh strawberry slices.

Garnish with white chocolate-covered strawberries or cleaned, brightly-colored strawberries and lime zest curls. (Lime zest curls are the peel of a lime, brightly colored, peeled away with a potato peeler. For this purpose, you want a firm zest, so use a potato peeler that will cut deeper into the peel than a regular zester).

Rick in Paris

During the busy high paced days at Forrester International, when Rick lived in Paris, I wonder if he noshed on a Ham & Brie during working lunches? I served this sandwich at my restaurant that I owned, and it was probably a best seller, if not THE bestseller.

A regular bagel can be used, but an everything-bagel roll is best. Give a smear of white wine mustard or a light Dijon mustard on one side of your roll, and mayonnaise sprinkled with dill (fresh is best, but if you have dill in a jar in your cabinet, that will work fine) on the other side of your roll.

Thinly slice GRANNY SMITH apples and line bottom of roll. Make sure you use only granny smith for this recipe or you loose a certain taste. On top of your apple slices, place a generous amount of black forest ham. If you happen to have left-over honey baked ham from an event or holiday, this is a great left-over sandwich; but if you are using deli ham, be sure to select black forest.

After the ham, place medium-to-thick cut brie. ( If you don’t want the tartness of the rind, with a smooth, almost chalky-thin outer coating, you can leave it on .)
Finish your sandwich with thinly-sliced red onion and baby spinach or a nice mixed green.

This sandwich is so simple to put together, and perfect if you want to impress someone, or have a picnic that is a notch above any other. This can be delightfully paired with Pear and Blue Cheese Tartlets.

Bake puff pastry pillows to almost-golden. When baked, they should measure at least 2x2. When your pastry pillows are baked to completion and just have to brown, remove and let cool. This puff pastry can be bought in the frozen food section of your grocery store- you do not have to make it from scratch.

After about 45minutes-to-an-hour of cooling, lay a canned pear half that has been well drained on it’s back (the side with a slight scoop in it should be facing up).

Sprinkle fresh crumbled blue cheese into “scoop” area of pear. The amount you use can be based on taste because blue cheese can be a very potent cheese.

Bake for about five more minutes, possibly less, depending on your oven. Pastry should be a nice golden color, and cheese should be SEMI-melted. Remove, drizzle with raspberry vinaigrette, and garnish generously with chopped walnuts.

This can be served warm, room temperature, or chilled.

Heart Attack Hotdog

I can’t say for sure, but this is a definitely something you would expect to see on the menu at Al’s, the popular diner in Oakdale.

Grill your hot dog, giving it a crisp outside, without burning it. (If available in your area, I highly suggest Nathan’s brand, Kosher’s Best brand, or Hebrew National brand; these are the best hot dogs you will ever eat!!!) Top your dog with mustard, bacon (at least 2 or 3 slices), and a generous amount of cheese and chili.

Before you begin putting your toppings on your dog, take a moment to slice very thin sweet onions, dip your onion slices into beer, then cover with a flour-based mixture that is about 50% flour, 40% grated parmesan cheese, and 10% salt and black pepper. Deep- fry until crispy and golden.

After ALL previously stated ingredients are on top of your hot dog (that is, of course, in the bun), finish your Heart Attack Hot Dog with your parmesan-fried onions.
Drink with an ice cold beer or soda.

A popular side to go with your Heart Attack Hotdog is home-made potato chips. I know you have had these in restaurants, festivals, and events, but you can make them at home. You can flavor them, also, just like the popular chips you buy in the bag at the tore.

How you slice your potatoes is strictly up to you, based on what kind of chip you prefer, but I do suggest for this that you make them thin-- the thinner the better. Some people will advise you to soak your cut potatoes in water for an hour-overnight before frying. Do not do this! The water that will be absorbed into the potato when the starch is soaked out takes the “potato” flavor away from the finished product and posse a hazard during the frying process.

In a shallow pan or pot, only 1-11/2 inch vegetable oil is needed to pan-fry your slices. If you just want plain potato chips, salted, fry until very golden; if you want to flavor, fry to a light-to-medium golden color. If you are stopping at plain potato chips, drain well and lightly salt. Serve immediately.

If you wish to flavor your chips, remove from oil and drain well; you may even want to pa -dry your chips to remove excess oil that may get caught in curls and folds.

1. BBQ: In a large baggie place ˝ cup -1 cup of BBQ sauce (depending on the amount of chips you are preparing), heat in microwave for 30 or 45 seconds. BBQ sauce is thick, so you simply want it to be more of a liquid consistency. Place your chips in bag and shake well, covering each chip thoroughly. Drain excess sauce from well-covered chips, then place on a cookie sheet and bake at 375-400 degrees until sauce is cooked onto chips, and chips are crispy and firm. Lightly salt and serve.

2. Salt & Vinegar: In a large baggie, pour ˝ a cup of either apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar ( I suggest malt vinegar). Drain well and place chips on cookie sheet. Salt to taste and bake until golden and firm. Serve and enjoy.

3. Ranch: In a large baggie, melt down about a ˝ cup of sour cream and mix about a half package of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (the kind that is in the envelope or packet). Shake chips, covering completely with mixture. Place on cookie sheet and bake until firm.

4. Taco: In a large baggie, melt a ˝ cup of sour cream and mix well with a half packet of taco seasoning. Add hot sauce if you want a kick! Shake covering well and bake until crispy.


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