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Port Charles Top Ten Lists Page

Our Funny PC Lists

#1   Top Ten Reasons That We Knew Frank Was the Avatar by Suzanne
#2   Top Ten Things you Need to Survive in Port Charles by Kelsey
#3   Top Ten Holiday Gifts in Port Charles by Suzanne
#4   Top Ten Things The People in Port Charles Need to Remember by Meghan
#5   Top Ten Things to Stay Away From in Port Charles by
#6   Top Ten Bad Things Livvie Has Done by
#7   Top Ten Words To Describe Caleb and Livvie's Relationship by
#8   Top Ten Things We Will Miss About Port Charles by
#9   Top Ten Signs You're Addicted to Port Charles by Beth
#10 Top Ten Most Popular TV Shows in Port Charles by Beth
#11 Top Ten Missed Marketing Opportunities for Shop the Soaps by Beth
#12 Top Ten Clues Reese Is Alison's Unknown Sibling by Beth
#13 Top Ten New Year's Resolutions Made in Port Charles by Beth
#14 PC Residents' Top Ten Places to be Intimate by Beth
#15 Top Ten Things We Love About Caleb by
#16 Top Ten Lessons from Port Charles by Beth
#17 Top Ten Ways to Spend Time in Port Charles by John
#18 Top Ten Ways to Accessorize in Port Charles by Beth
#19 PC Residents' Top Ten Most Prized Possessions by John and Beth
#20 PC Residents' Top Ten Pastimes by Beth
#21 Top Ten Crimes Committed by Port Charles Residents by
#22 Livvie's Top Ten Worst Backfired Schemes and Misdeeds by Beth
#23 Top Ten Things You'll See in "Superstition" by John and Beth
#24 Top Ten Ways Livvie Spends Her Time by Beth
#25 Top Ten Unanswerable Questions from "Superstition" by Beth
#26 Top Ten Most Popular Foods and Drinks in Port Charles by John and Beth
#27 Ten Things Port Charles Could Do to Improve that Show by Suzanne
#28 Top Ten Most Underused and Under-Appreciated Characters by Beth
#29 Top Ten Caleb Moments by Beth
#30 Top Ten Reasons Port Charles Should Not Have Been Cancelled by Beth

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Page updated 7/20/12

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