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Port Charles Countdowns Pages


PC Countdowns (Repetitions)

Countdown for 2/3/03 - 2/7/03
by Beth
Proofread and checked by John

Comparing the number of times certain characters and their nicknames and/or alter egos are said, we have:

Day                Olivia/Livvie/Tess
Monday         0/2/5
Tuesday         8/25/19
Wednesday    3/8/19
Thursday        0/2/12
Friday            0/2/20

Totals            11/40/75

Day                Caleb/Stephen
Monday         3/1
Tuesday         2/12
Wednesday    12/13
Thursday        12/11
Friday            12/7

Totals            41/44

Day                Kevin/Doc
Monday         0/6
Tuesday         2/4
Wednesday    0/0
Thursday        0/0
Friday            5/2

Totals            7/12

Number of times Peter Jennings interrupted PC this week: 2 (Tuesday and Friday)

This has been a great week for eyes and fangs. The problem is that they're harder for me to count this week because of the missing episodes. Also, Caleb's story was told in black and white, so although the vampires' eyes were probably glowing, we didn't actually see that. Since I haven't seen Friday's big "calling out," I can only speculate.

Number of times someone's eyes glowed: 5 definite, 2 probable, and 4 possible

Ian 2, Monday and Tuesday
Caleb 3, Monday, Thursday, and Friday
Probable: Caleb's father and stepmother, Wednesday
Possible: Ian, Rebecca, Caz, and Reese, Friday

Number of times someone bared fangs: 7 definite and 4 possible

Ian 2, Monday and Tuesday
Caleb 3, Monday, Thursday, and Friday
Caleb's father, Wednesday
Caleb's stepmother, Wednesday
Possible: Ian, Rebecca, Caz, and Reese, Friday

Number of flashbacks: 4 definite

Elizabeth's sequence of flashbacks about her own vampirism, Monday
Jack of himself and Tess, Tuesday
Caleb of himself and Livvie, Tuesday
Caleb of himself and Tess, Thursday

Number of episodes for each contract actor:

Michael Easton - 5
Kelly Monaco - 5
Brian Presley - 5
Brian Gaskill - 4
Lynn Herring - 4
Thorsten Kaye - 4
Erin Hershey Presley - 4
Kiko Ellsworth - 3
Jon Lindstrom - 3
Rebecca Staab - 3
Joy Bisco - 2
Ian Buchanan - 2
Eddie Matos - 2
Nolan North - 2
Jay Pickett - 0
Marie Wilson - 0

Page updated 9/9/11

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