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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Niki's Opinions for 8/11

Okay, I think that is a major mistake that Kevin is going to be staying with Ian and Lucy. If I was Lucy or Ian, I would not have let him, and if I was Kevin, I would have said no. It just isn't right.

I cannot believe what Caleb did to Alison; it was mean and he did it for no reason. What was even the point of that? Alison and Caleb finally became friends and he just ruined it for no reason. First of all, he didn't know she was coming over, so did he just happen to have a spare ring, or wish it there? I just think that was the stupidest thing...I don't understand what the point is in him doing that.

Rafe needs to chill out a little bit because he is way too obsessed over that ring. Caleb has always had that ring, so what's the problem?  They just better hope Livvie doesn't get it; that is what they need to be worrying about.

Reese and Jack need to leave Ricky alone. They are acting like an angel being there couldn't happen. They are in Port Charles for God's sake; they know anything is possible, and they have seen angels for themselves. Not to mention they have both been vampires. Jack and Reese are acting like Ricky has lost it. Jack should understand more than anyone.

Okay, why is Jamal not in pain? He is a vampire and if they don't get blood, they get sick. Well, he hasn't fed on anyone, I haven't seen him go get any blood, and he sure ain't sleeping with Lucy or Rafe. So what is up with that? Kevin is getting on my nerves so bad; I wish he would just shut up.

Chris and Elizabeth are great together. What is up with her kissing Chris and then slapping him, saying he kissed her? Has she lost it. They know they really like each other and just won't admit it.

I am so mad about what Caleb did to Alison that I can't stop thinking about it. I wish someone would tell me what the point of him doing that was. There was no point, so why did he do it?

Livvie is so stupid sometimes. Caleb is already mad at her, and he is really gonna be mad when he finds out she bit Imani. She does the dumbest stuff and it always backfires. And where did Frank go? He just disappeared.

Well, I guess that is all for now.

Page updated 6/3/10

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