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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
4/28/03 - 5/2/03

Proofread by John


It looks as if we'll be seeing Victor more than usual in this arc.

Alison did it again. Rafe made her promise to call him if Caleb so much as blinked. She ignored her promise and got into a conversation with Caleb. Not that I blame her. He was looking at her so pitifully, and she's probably tired of Rafe ordering her around.

Maybe I'm just gullible, but I believed Caleb when he said he didn't kill Alison's father. That doesn't mean I've changed my mind about Joshua being the "prince" on the yacht the night of Malcolm's accident. We don't know when Caleb and Joshua actually met each other. We do know that Joshua has always been one to take matters into his own hands. He could have killed Malcolm either way. I don't know why Elizabeth never recognized him except that he was probably well disguised.


It was so nice to hear Caleb tell off Elizabeth. She has spent her entire life thinking about herself, and Caleb really let her have it.

I don't  blame Alison for setting Caleb free. They had no right to keep him there, just as they had no right to keep him at the hospital. Why in the world did Colleen accept Rafe as an authority figure, anyway? That was just weird.

Somehow, I didn't expect Kevin to take the ring. This show never fails to surprise me. I'm so glad I stay away from spoilers!


Well, that was an interesting party. Loved Victor and his orange juggling. I'm not sure yet about Chris and Elizabeth, but it was very nice to see Chris. I wish he were in the loop about Joshua. Which side would he choose? I've pretty much lost all respect for Ricky. I liked him when he was with Casey. Now he's just the same jerk he was when he first hit town.

Caleb had me laughing again. Michael Easton gets the expressions down so well. My favorite line was, "What is with the stake?" and the look on his face when he delivered it.

That's certainly an interesting painting. I'd love to get a long, close look at it. We did get to see it, but not well enough to see some of the details the gang was talking about.


Wow! I had no idea that Joshua had been that busy. He has quite a few more vamps than we knew about.

Poor, sweet Victor. Bless his heart. He just wants people to listen to him instead of treating him like an old fool. He really doesn't understand what he's done. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but he has a choice now. He could listen to Lucy and fight on the good side, but he just doesn't understand. He just wants some respect. Poor, sweet Victor.

This will probably sound weird, but I think the dots in the design of the X  look like bite marks.


I can't figure out what Jack is up to. Is he really playing both sides, or is he planning to take Joshua down?

It was great how Caleb grabbed that goon and held him there for Olivia to bite. I wonder whether the poison will wear off now that she's bitten someone.

Page updated 6/3/10

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