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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
4/7/03 - 4/11/03

Proofread by John


I figured out why I always thought this "whole" Livvie was no different from evil Livvie. When Livvie and Tess merged, the real Livvie regained her soul, and she did seem somewhat different, but not much. That didn't last long. Now that she's a feeding vampire, she's lost her soul again, so she really is no different from the evil, soulless Livvie who injected her father, manipulated Rafe, framed Alison for murder, tried to kill Alison, slept with the Avatar, and so many other things.

Kevin's painting was strange. I'd like to get a better look at it. I think Joshua realizes that it came from a disturbed mind.

Every time someone talks about what a wonderful slayer Rafe is, I have to chuckle. Today, Alison assured him that he's the best slayer in the world. Well, if he and Lucy are the only ones in the world, then I wholeheartedly agree. I doubt there are others, since they've recently made it seem that Caleb and his little vampire family were the only ones in the world. That makes me think that Rafe and Lucy are the only slayers. If that's the case, then yes, Rafe is undoubtedly the best.

Alison's hairdo was interesting. From the back, it looked really wild. She's the only person I can think of who could pull it off.


What's the deal with the flower? When Alison found it, they played that heavenly music, which makes it seem as if Ed or maybe Rafe put it there (even though Rafe is no longer an angel), but then it turned black as if Joshua had done something. My best guess is that Ed put it there and then turned it black. In the preview, Rafe says something about it being a warning.

I have the same question that Rafe has. Why did Joshua take pictures of buildings and then have someone paint them? That was really strange. Does this have something to do with why he was so fascinated with Kevin's painting? Is it because he needs someone who can paint a certain way, or is it because Kevin is obviously disturbed?

I repeat: Joshua is a lech. The thing with the photos of Alison and Livvie was creepy. He even had close-ups of their mouths and noses. Poor Alison!

Ian was amusing as he sat there trying to crack Joshua's password. Rafe was skeptical, and rightfully so, but Ian just sat there plugging away. He'll probably get it.


PC didn't air today. This episode is supposed to be aired tomorrow.


I never thought I'd see the day when Livvie would tell Rafe to kill her. I figured that was what she was doing, but I hoped she was going to use the stake on Joshua instead. I can't wait for Joshua to get what's coming to him.

Ian and his passwords were amusing. Has he ever seen a password as long as "king of the bloodsuckers" before? Did he use spaces or run it all together? 


The end of PC really surprised me. I figured that Joshua would make Frank his keeper, not turn him.

Any chance VH1 is going to get in on this somehow? Obviously, they won't really do a documentary on the band, but what if they went to PC and got the show some exposure? It could even be mentioned in the tabloid shows that the VH1 "Behind the Scenes" host had a cameo on Port Charles.

I was hoping that Ricky would see the light. Why in the world would he trust Joshua after hearing about what he did? This isn't good. I like Ricky, and I want to see him with Casey again.

I hope Caz will be back. I was really hoping he would stick around.

Rafe had his chance, and he blew it.

Page updated 6/3/10

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