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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
3/24/03 - 3/28/03

Proofread by John


Elizabeth and Joshua were great today. Joshua really grossed me out with his lascivious finger-licking display.

It was nice to see Christina. If Lucy won't take care of her, I don't know why she isn't with Scott, since he's the adoptive father--not that he's exactly a fit parent. I'd rather see her grandparents get custody.

The scenes in the studio were really good. I was so proud of Caleb when he finally got it right!


Poor Tess. I felt bad for her. Now Kelly gets to go back to playing one character, which must be a huge relief. She's been doing a fantastic job. I just wish it were a character I liked. As for her great love for Caleb, I find him to be the more likeable, sympathetic character. I think she's going to betray him again. That's what she does.


Yep, we called it. Reese certainly seems to be Alison's sister. The clues have been piling up for the last week or two, and today Reese tried to bite her but couldn't. In Port Charles, vamps can't bite a blood relative. Apparently they need no invitation to enter someone's home. It was nice to see Alison think on her feet by knocking her down with that chair outside the Recovery Room.

I'm glad that Ian used his tape this time. Even though it didn't work, at least he remembered to use it and follow through on his theory, unlike the last time he went into the water.

I'm having a really hard time sympathizing with Lucy. One reason is that she never stopped to think that Kevin could have been affected by his music therapy with Dr. Fox. She knows that he had to listen to "Naked Eyes."


Whoa! That was my reaction to one of Ian and Lucy's love scenes today.

Speaking of Ian and Lucy, it seems that neither one is willing to say goodbye. They both thought this was their last time together, but for different reasons. Neither one knew that the other felt that way. Ian thought it was the last time because he expects to be dead tomorrow. He and Rafe are planning to throw all the vampires into the healing pool, but since it won't help Ian, he expects Rafe to stake him when they're finished. Thorsten displayed raw emotion today. I really felt sorry for Ian. I'm not feeling so sorry for Lucy, though. I never thought she gave Kevin enough of a chance. Her relationship with Ian was rushed, and now he means more to her than anything else. At least she finally acknowledged that Christina needs her.

I though that Alison figured out why Reese couldn't bite her, but then they made her stupid. She actually thinks that Jack's goodness rubbed off on Reese? Please. Rafe doesn't buy that, but so far he doesn't have a better explanation.

Caleb seems more into Livvie than she is into him. It's always been that way. She's selfish and always has been. I realize that this is all new for her, but she seems more interested in what this life can do for her than in being able to spend eternity with the man she claims to love so much.


I wasn't expecting to see Victor! Actually, I didn't expect anyone to come to Lucy's rescue, but then when it happened, I figured it had to be Ian. It never occurred to me that she called him when we weren't watching. That's another good thing about PC. Things can happen offscreen. That's not true for most shows.

That was a very interesting little talk that Joshua had with Ricky. Does he expect Ricky to side with him in the great battle? I know he expects to have Frank on his side. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I guess it has to do with Ed's remark to Casey about Ricky and a higher purpose.

Page updated 6/3/10

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