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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
3/17/03 - 3/21/03

Proofread by John


Loved Elizabeth's explanation of what happened. "I just heard all you guys arguing, and it was really annoying, so I just got up."

Why in the world didn't anyone seem to realize that Ian wasn't healed because he didn't turn on the music? Where was his tape recorder, anyway? In his pocket?

A little speculation here, but today we learned that Reese's middle name is Mallory. Could she have been named for Malcolm? I really don't want to believe that she and Alison are related, but it's looking that way. Since it was never stated whether the missing sister is older or younger than Alison, I was trying to hold onto the hope that it could be Doree. Erin and Pamela work well together, and I'd love to see what would happen if Rafe and Chris had to spend a lot of time together. Rafe would be ready to kill Chris, but of course he couldn't. It could be really hilarious.

Jack's little stunt was pretty immature. How is he paying the mortgage? Does he ever go to work anymore?


It was great to see Ed! I really wish he were on more. He was so cute when he was pecking on the keyboard. I was laughing at that whole scene, with Ricky diligently working on a song, oblivious to Casey and Ed.

I hope that Rafe's theory about Ian needing to feed on human blood is a red herring. Ian also had a theory. He was convinced that he had to listen to the first five notes of "Naked Eyes" while in the healing pool. He remembered to turn on the music after Elizabeth jumped in, and the very second that it started playing, the red light appeared. That sequence of events seemed to make it clear that the music was a key element in her transformation. Then when Ian jumped in, he forgot to turn on the music. No red light, no music, no healing. There has to be more of a point to the music than just leading them to the spring. It has had strange effects on people all along. The first major effect we saw was Kevin's rapt attention to "Naked Eyes" during his music therapy with Dr. Fox. They have a chance to follow through on this or screw it up. I hope they don't disappoint me. I will be extremely annoyed if the writers go with Rafe's theory instead. I'm already annoyed just thinking about it.

How many hotel rooms actually have answering machines instead of voice mail? Elizabeth has one in her room. It was pretty funny when she poured regular water into a blue bottle to make Joshua think she was drinking the special stuff. I had to laugh when she offered him the bottle. If he had taken a drink, he obviously would have realized that it wasn't the right thing.

In the preview for tomorrow's episode, we saw another clue that Reese is Alison's sister. Don't  get me wrong. I know that calling someone "sister" in a derogatory way doesn't imply a blood relationship. However, I do think that in this case, it's a clue.

Just an observation, but this is the third Tuesday in a row that Ricky has been on. I noticed that because he's not on as much as most of the others.


Chris!!! He was definitely the high point today.

Why did Ian put the bag of blood in the fireplace? There was a fire going at the time. He actually tossed it behind the fire, but maybe we weren't supposed to notice that. All I could think about was how bad it would smell.

We recently got the impression that Reese wants to put Alison in her place by turning her into a vampire. Today, it was confirmed. Unless the writers are toying with us, it seems clear that Reese will try to bite her but won't be able to. In PC, vampires can't bite a blood relative. I don't know whether this will clue Alison in or not. Does she know that rule? I doubt that Reese does. My guess is that Rafe will figure it out. He did tell her yesterday to be careful what she wished for. She's been wishing for her sister, but certainly wouldn't have wished for a sister like Reese.

I actually thought for a second that Rafe or Ian would get a clue. Feeding wasn't the only difference!

When Caleb was getting ready to put the ring on his finger, he was moving his hand almost the same way as when he got ready to pull Tess out of Livvie.


Today's show was postponed due to war coverage.


Today's show was postponed due to war coverage.

Page updated 6/3/10

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