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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
2/17/03 - 2/21/03
Proofread by John


Great scenes between Caleb and Kevin. I loved the look on Caleb's face when he realized that Kevin was there.

Kelly is always good at playing two roles.

Why did Elizabeth refer to herself as Rafe's mother-in-law? For that matter, ick. Does she really think he'll go along with this?


Looking forward to some new, darker music by the band.

Here's something that's bugging me. I understand the thing about Caleb's return balancing out Rafe's. I'm with them until they try to say that getting rid of one means getting rid of both. No, it doesn't. They were let out of the afterlife together and they can't kill each other, but that shouldn't mean no one else can kill them. Rafe is supposed to be human now, albeit a slayer. He's no longer an angel. He can be killed, just not by Caleb. The balance thing should relate only to their returns and their inability to kill each other, but not to anything else. If this were true, then all deaths would be in pairs: one good person and one evil person.

Here's something that bothers me in general, and I see it in pretty much every show I ever watch. Alison wanted to talk to Rafe alone, so she made the others leave. In real life, who does that? I don't. The people who want to talk alone are the ones who find a private place to talk. End of story.

Loved the look on Alison's face when she saw her mother's blouse.


The scenes with Rafe and Elizabeth were hilarious. His reaction was priceless, especially when Alison interrupted and he waved to her. And then there was the shame. Elizabeth couldn't bring herself to look at her daughter after what she tried to do to her fiancÚ. Oh, the shame.


I find it hard to believe that Lucy has never told Ian about Rafe's situation. In fact, is there some reason that Rafe is trying to keep his former job as a guardian angel a secret? As far as I know, he's not under any obligation to do that anymore.


I laughed so hard when Jamal called out, "Mama!" I had to watch that several times, because it was just so funny. I bet it was an ad lib.

Why didn't Caleb sense that the others were nearby? For that matter, why didn't he and Tess hear them? They were certainly loud enough.

Rafe is on my "list" again. He let Lucy delay his call to Alison and then said he didn't have time to call because they got the word from Jack. That's just not right. Doesn't he remember what happened to Alison the last time he left without a goodbye? If he really thinks that could happen, he had no right to do it again.

Page updated 6/3/10

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