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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
2/3/03 - 2/7/03
Proofread by John


My jaw dropped when Caleb went soaring across the room. I really wasn't expecting that. I did think Rafe would save Alison, but the way it happened really threw me--and Caleb.

I wonder whether Caleb's "Laverne" comment was part of the script or an ad lib.

I loved the "Huh?" look on Caleb's face when he found out that Elizabeth was the one who killed Joshua.

I like the song Tess wanted to dance to--not the one by Creed, but the first one she heard. I like the bluesy kind of rock songs, and this one is nice. I think it's a PC original.

Caleb had the very best lines today, by far.

We saw Chris! WOO HOO!!! It's so nice to see him interact with Tess and Jack. I'd like to see much more of this.


Yes! Kevin got arrested for abducting Lucy.

I wish Caleb would make up his mind about whether he wants Tess or Livvie.


Where do I even start??? Today's episode was fantastic!!!

I'm so glad Casey's back. I really liked Casey and Ricky as a couple, and I'm thoroughly enjoying their reunion, even though Ricky hasn't caught on yet. I wonder how long it will take him. Casey took me by surprise when she planted that kiss on him.

Ricky was looking good today in that coat and scarf.

Now, I don't know how many of you noticed this, but please, go back and check it out. When Alison was telling Elizabeth that she needed water, Rebecca Staab's delivery of her lines was priceless. "That's probably what it is. I need my water. That's why I'm feeling this way." It's hard to describe, but I guess it was kind of like a little kid would talk when trying to stop crying. My husband and I both thought it was the cutest thing.

We finally got to see some of Caleb's history! How exciting! He kind of reminds me of Spike, in that they were both such nice guys when they were human. That is, if what Caleb told Tess was true.


This was a good continuation of the scene with Ricky and Casey at the park. He's getting suspicious, which is good. I wish she could tell him who she really is. It was great when she admitted to thinking he's hot. Ed's use of thunder was funny, and so was Casey's frustrated reaction to it.

I noticed that Rafe didn't exactly tell the truth about why the wedding was called off. Alison simply told Jamal that they're back together, and apparently Rafe told the guys that it was all part of the plan to get Caleb. I don't know; maybe he really did tell them, but it didn't seem that way to me.

Good timing on getting Tess to see Caleb, but it was a very close call for Jack.


They really set Caleb up to be the bad guy. Would he have gone after Jack if he hadn't been provoked? I guess we'll never know.

Ian has been grunting an awful lot. It's starting to get on my nerves.

The press conference cut in, so I haven't seen the best parts of the show yet. From the transcript, it looks like setting Caleb up and spying on him were extremely bad ideas. I guess that's a serious understatement.

Page updated 6/3/10

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