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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
1/27/03 - 1/31/03

Proofread by John


Rebecca Staab gave a fantastic performance! She actually made me feel sorry for Elizabeth, which is a really hard thing to do since I have no respect for the character. I guess Elizabeth really is trying to be a better mother.

Like last Friday, Caleb really got to me with the sleigh. It's just so romantic! He was respectful of Tess, and he behaved like a perfect gentleman, even though his motives aren't what he thinks they are. I also like the way he's slowly realizing how he feels about her, no matter how much he tries to fight it and convince himself that Olivia is the one he wants.

I also loved Caleb's line, "What could be more important than me?" Priceless!


Why didn't Caleb just pop into Elizabeth's room? I guess he was being careful, in case Alison was there, but I thought he would just know that kind of thing.

I'm glad we didn't see Lucy dump Kevin. It was nice to be surprised when she came back in and told Ian what she had done. I thought it might play out this way, but it was nice not to know for certain.

The raw emotion on Ian's face when he thought Lucy had chosen Kevin was really painful. Thorsten Kaye's performances have been awesome.

Alison's description of Joshua as "Mr. Excitement" was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the scene between Alison, Elizabeth, and Caleb.

Casey's back! She always was my favorite twin. It was nice to hear her mention Ed's name.

Rafe finally proved to Alison that they're not related.


Rebecca Staab's delivery of "Probably flapped his big old bat wings all the way home" was great.

Rafe is using magic for romance again. I was cracking up throughout the whole fog incident. The setup was very good, from hearing Elizabeth on the phone and just knowing Rafe had done something, to seeing Alison walk back into her room and find him pouring two glasses of champagne. Elizabeth's reaction to the fog was funny, as was Alison's, but for different reasons. Alison knew immediately that Rafe was behind it. I don't know why she said she wanted to go to her room and go to "sleep." She could have said she wanted to go to "bed." Her mother wouldn't have thought anything of it, and it wouldn't have been a lie.

Casey's mention of "Hey, Sister" was cute. I liked the way she talked to Marissa. She told her off for being an idiot, but at the same time, she was trying to soften the blow of having to leave town and never remember Jamal.


Just about everything that happened at the studio/rehearsal hall was great. It was funny when Caleb saw Ricky staring at him and closed the door. When Casey came in, Ricky immediately took notice. He and Jamal exchanged bewildered looks about her behavior. The catfight was a real hoot! Casey just can't help herself. It's not enough that Reese tried to kill her sister. The vamp's also after Ricky, and Casey simply won't stand for it. She really wants to let Ricky know her true identity, but at least for now she's trying to play by the rules. That didn't stop her from staring at him, though. Ricky already seems suspicious, but I wonder how long it will take for him and Jamal to figure it out.

Casey replaced Marissa in the opening credits.


They used the older credits today, with Marissa instead of Casey.

Kevin looked great. I really wish we'd get the real Kevin back instead of this "Ryvin" hybrid.

Not being with Lucy for a few minutes sure has some effect on Ian!!!

I liked the meeting in the park between Rafe and Caleb.

I enjoyed the last scene, especially when the Caleb theme started playing. The music on this show is fantastic!

Page updated 6/3/10

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