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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
1/20/03 - 1/24/03

Proofread by John


Kelly Monaco's performance was amazing! Her transition from Livvie to Tess was the best I've ever seen. The way her eyes went kind of cloudy and then cleared up as she put on her Tess face was definitely Emmy worthy.

Erin Hershey Presley's delivery of "So the honeymoon's over," including the little non-laugh and the look on her face, was priceless.

Ian and Lucy's conspiratorial scene at the hospital was fun, and it brought the best exchange of the day. "Maybe I should put my stuff with your stuff," to which a grinning Ian replies, "Oh, I'd like that."


It was nice to see Kevin being a doctor.

Poor Caleb was confronted by just about everybody, but Lucy annoyed him the most. His little "maybe I was hungry" line, accentuated by darting his tongue out really fast, was hilarious.


Caleb's honesty almost hurt. He knows he did the wrong thing, and he admitted that he doesn't want Olivia if it means losing Tess. It was a very moving scene.

The camera work zooming in on Caleb's face, with the accompanying Caleb theme music, was perfect.

The gentle lapping of water when the gang was on the yacht was a nice touch.

The scenes between Alison, Elizabeth, and Joshua were excellent. I'm starting to appreciate Joshua more as a villain now. The barbs he traded with Elizabeth were perfect, and it was so nice to hear her call him "hired help." His comeback ("Careful, you're getting hysterical") almost had me in hysterics.


Thorsten Kaye gave an outstanding performance.

Alison and Rafe had a good scene on the yacht.

Lucy's "uh oh" reaction to learning that Ian doesn't think of chocolate as a staple was cute.


Elizabeth redeemed herself big time for betraying her daughter's trust. It was great to see her come to Alison's rescue and bite that jerk.

The big bat himself turned into a teeny little bat. I like bats.

Caleb really got me with the horse and sleigh. How sweet!

Mini rants:

A week went by without Chris or Frank.

I caught a possible continuity error. Thursday, Rafe wanted to go to the yacht with Alison, but she told him to go to the villa and talk to the staff instead. In Friday's episode, she was worried because he hadn't returned from the yacht. I'm usually pretty understanding, because things do happen off screen, but in this case there was no opportunity for that.

"Will Lucy and Ian resist temptation?" I had hoped that PC wouldn't resort to this. Granted, it's better than an actual spoiler, such as "Todd and Blair kiss tomorrow on OLTL," but that doesn't make it a good thing. It's just something else to screw up the screen, and yet another reason to continue my rally to have PC arcs put on DVD.

Page updated 6/3/10

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