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Port Charles Articles Pages


2003 PC Articles

Port Charles' Surrender is a Hit!

Written 1/6/03 by Suzanne originally for Bella Online

I have really been enjoying PC's new arc "Surrender" so far. The end of "Naked Eyes" was good but it really kicked off this one well.

First let me say I am a big fan of Rafe and Allison. I wish they had really gotten married. The whole thing about them being brother and sister is really stupid. It's obvious to all of us that this is not true. I don't know if Michael is really behind it, or the whole thing is some silly misunderstanding, but it's very contrived, plot-wise.

The actors in the story, especially the ones who play Rafe and Alison, have been doing a great job despite this silly plot point.

Isn't Rafe supposed to be OLDER than Allison? That right there should tell them that he's not the one.

If I were Rafe, the first thing I'd say to Alison is, "Hey, I already know that Ed is my dad, and he's up in heaven as one of the bosses, and he wouldn't have sent me down here if you were my sister". He said it to Lucy, but not Alison! D'oh!

Second thing I'd say is, "Let me see if I can talk to Ed and he can straighten this out".

Third thing I'd say, if I couldn't contact Ed, is "Let's go talk to our good friend Dr. Ian and have him run a DNA test on us, immediately!"

I hate when people on TV ignore the obvious and do really stupid things...

The rest of the story has been fantastic! I was glad to see Tess and Livvie reunite and that Tess is in charge, for now. I can't wait to see them fully integrated. The writers were geniuses to think of this great way to redeem Livvie. I mean, she killed Rafe! She was pure evil. And it made no sense because it came out of nowhere. It was like the writers just decided, "You know, she was much sexier as bad Livvie when she was with Caleb, so let's make her go really crazy and evil". But they did it without any reason so this whole explanation now is a good way to remedy that. Also it makes for a great romantic triangle (or is that quadrangle?) since Jack and Tess are in love, and Stephen/Caleb and Livvie are in love. So now when Livvie gets back to normal (whatever normal is for her), she'll presumably be in love with both of them. Again!

Hey, we can buy this. If we were able to buy that Caleb, Rafe, and Jack have all returned from the dead, anything is possible.

But I digress. I was talking about how GOOD the show is. It's been moving right along and keeping us interested, and wondering what's going to happen next.

I'm glad they were able to find a way to make Kevin bad (and thus more interesting) without having him murderously insane. I can't wait to find out how Caleb is behind this or what exactly happened at that clinic. And when will Lucy find out that Livvie is to blame for Doc's mental state?

Ian as a vampire-wow, great! And we know he'll go back to being good old lovable Ian at some point, but for now it's interesting to see how he deals with this. One thing that was silly, though, was how Elizabeth just barely touched her teeth to his neck and then he POOF turned into a vampire. And while we're on the subject, they should be a little more consistent about their vampire stuff. Caleb is very strong physically, and so was Jack, because of being vampires. So why is Elizabeth so wimpy? She couldn't keep Ian with her? She seemed barely able to trash Caleb's room. And why were the vampires in the band so easy for Rafe to toss aside but he can't kill Caleb? And previously they said that Caleb needed a special talisman in order to go out into the light and not have a problem with crucifixes and garlic, yet now the WATER does that? That doesn't make any sense. And why is it that Rafe could put on this light and magic show for Caleb but he couldn't convince Alison that he's not her brother? Okay, let's not go back to that again….

I think the actors have been turning in phenomenal performances. I don't like them tearing about Lucy and Kevin so that Lucy and Ian can be together, but all three have been doing a great job in their roles.

I'm so happy to have Michael Easton back and he has great lines. But he also is able to show the softer, tortured side of Caleb with regard to his feelings for "Olivia". He is so good that you almost feel sorry for him.

The show's characters have been shown to be very passionate lately, too, which adds to the story. Especially when that passion is rooted in love or some other deep emotion and it's not just a love scene for the heck of it.

Right now the forces of Good in Port Charles are scattered and beaten, for the most part. I can't wait to see how they all pick themselves up and join forces to defeat Stephen/Caleb and his pack.

Page updated 6/3/10

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