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Port Charles Articles Pages


2001 PC Articles

Beth's Opinions
1/15/01 - 1/19/01
Proofread by John


Last week, I said that Ian needed to start locking his windows. I need to revise that now. Ian needs to lock his windows and doors. It seems that everyone in town feels free to enter everyone else's home whenever they want.

As I watched the scenes at the lighthouse, I remembered that there was a fire there very recently. I wonder what the damage was. Kevin and Eve don't seem to even notice any residual smell from the smoke.

I feel sorry for Ian. He's trying to wait for Eve to get her memory back, but it's very hard for him to watch her reconnect with her husband and make plans to renew their wedding vows.

I'm waiting for Eve to let Lucy have it.


Kevin is being such a jerk. How can he defend Lucy, especially in front of Eve? Then there's Lucy, who thinks she can get out of going to the station just because she doesn't want to go. How self-centered can one person be? Has she always been this way, or is this a new development? Detective Garcia showed a great deal of restraint at the station when she was provoking him.


What's the deal with Eve bailing Lucy out of jail? I would have left her there without telling Kevin that she'd called. Lucy said she didn't want Eve's money to bail her out. Apparently she would have had no problem accepting Kevin's money, though. Do Eve and Kevin have completely separate finances? If so, why does Lucy know that?


What Karen did to Frank was terrible. She didn't have to cancel on him at the last minute. She could have kept her promise instead of insisting on going to the compound with Eve. Sure, there's such a thing as an emergency, but this wasn't one. Frank went to the trouble of getting her gardenias, which means he was paying attention to the advice she gave Jamal about flowers. It was sad when he threw them into the trash.

Scott was out of line for blaming Kevin for Lucy's predicament. Yes, Kevin is partly to blame, but Scott was too quick to place all the blame on him and none on Lucy herself. Does the man not remember that she doesn't listen to anyone who's saying something she doesn't want to hear?


Why did Lucy want a stylist with weird hair?

Page updated 6/3/10

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