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Port Charles Previous Predictions Page

2002 PC Predictions & Rumors

11/13/02 by Suzanne

Here's my theory, for what it's worth.

Stephen is NOT Caleb.  He's what he seems.  He is being used by Joshua, who is evil and possibly a former disciple of Caleb's.  Joshua found Stephen and either used him because he looks so much like Caleb, or used plastic surgery or magic to make him look like Caleb.  Joshua has magical powers.  The stuff in the blue bottle gives Stephen some magical powers OR it keeps him alive in some way.

Tess is not Livvie's twin, she's part of Livvie.  Back when Caleb was around, he somehow did something to her that resulted in her being torn into two parts, her good and bad halves (sort of like that Star Trek episode where the transporter cuts Capt. Kirk into two parts).  Because her parts are separated, Tess is able to tap into the parts of the brain that we don't use, which allows her to heal people and see into their hearts.  She is not human because she's not complete.  It also explains why Livvie used to be good and now she's evil.  They will be integrated into one person that Jack can love.

Kevin will return and be very different from how he was before.  He will not be evil, but he won't be trustworthy.  He will be suspicious of Lucy and Ian but hide it.  He will have good reason to be suspicious of them as they become closer while he's gone.

10/30 by Melissa and Kelsey

*Livvie and Tess are somehow oddly related. Remember what Lucy said about Rachael doing experiments in the woods? Maybe she made a "good clone"! Ha ha!

*Ricky and Marissa will eventually get together through this whole "Stephan Clay Experience".

*Alison’s sibling is probably someone we already know,…. Just better not be Rafe! Nope, we already know who Rafe’s father is. Whew!

*Stephan Clay’s big Halloween performance is going to be a real turning point for what’s going on.

*Stephan is probably somehow related to Caleb. Notice how only people who don’t know him have seen him? Hmmmm…..

8/24 by Nick

*Eve will return.

*Rafe will truly fall in love with Livvie.

*Jamal and Alison will reunite.

*Jack Will find someone else to love.

*Caleb will return.

*Frank and Karen will reunite.

*Ricky and Marisa will end up being a couple.

*There will be some trouble ahead for Lucy and Kevin.

7/16 by Suzanne

Something will keep Kevin and Lucy from leaving town, perhaps Livvie getting attacked by the Shadow Man.

Ian will find out Kate's secret and fall for her.

Frank is the Shadow Man.  This will lead to him and Karen getting back together.

Rafe and Allison will eventually find their way back together but she may hook up with Jack temporarily (but I hope I'm wrong about that!).

Livvie's attack reveals that she's not pregnant but makes Rafe feel sorry for her.

Marisa has more of an agenda than just being a journalism student.  She has been tracking the Shadow Man all over the east coast for some reason.

Ricky and Marisa will take an instant dislike to each other.  Jamal and Marisa will hook up.

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Page updated 7/20/12

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