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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #271

8/4/08 8/8/08

Tabitha was baptized
Tabitha was willing to sacrifice herself once again.  Tabitha allowed herself to be baptized to save the people in Harmony.  She was willing to help everyone again knowing what it would cost her.  She proved to us that she really was a good person after all.  Tabitha was willing to sacrifice everything she had known her whole life to please Endora.  We doubt that any other mother on the show would have done that.

The tabloid secret was finally revealed
We were on Gwen's side, but we can't tell you how happy we were that that secret is finally out.  It has taken a long time for that to be revealed.  It was obviously a reveal that the writers wanted to save until the end.  Watching Gwen and Rebecca try to worm their way out of being caught was hilarious.  It was also hilarious to see Theresa think that wasn't going to prove her "innocence."  If the writers had started this reveal a little sooner, it would have been even better.

Ethan and Theresa finally got married
We aren't really happy about this, but we know that a lot of their fans are.  We are equal opportunity ravers so we wanted to mention their wedding too.  They finally had the chance to get together after everything they have gone through over the years.

Gwen managed to get a happy ending
It was hard to believe, but Gwen had a happy too.  She and Rebecca were arrested for helping Juanita and for blackmail.  Theresa wanted Kay to zap them off to clean something.  During Theresa and Ethan's wedding, Gwen and Rebecca showed up at the church and wanted to be happy too.  Rebecca got a donkey and a police officer wanted to date Gwen.  It's too bad that the writers didn't think to put Gwen with a new man sooner.  Maybe she could have had a wedding ceremony too.  Oh well.  If Gwen had to be exposed and end up in jail, at least she will have a man waiting for her when she gets out.  He may end up being a better man than Ethan.




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