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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #268

7/14/08 7/18/08

Pilar bonded with Luis and Miguel
Pilar had a rare chance to spend time with Luis and Miguel.  It was good to see them all together like that.  It's really rare for them to be together anymore so it was a nice moment.  We think that the scenes would have been much better if Jesse Metcalfe were still playing Miguel, but the scenes managed to be good anyway.

Jessica showed up to see Kay
You actually read that right.  It was good to see Jessica talking to Kay before she was married.  Jessica also wrapped up her storyline in the episode.  She's still in rehab.  She's going to go to college and she's working things out with Reese.  We don't need to see Jessica all the time, but it was good to see her speak to Kay one more time.  Speaking of Jessica, why didn't she speak to Noah and Paloma?  They helped her out with Spike more than Kay did so she should have talked to them too.

Sam finally solved a case
Can you believe it?  Sam actually made two arrests that were right.  Sam usually arrests innocent people except for Alistair, but he got away.  This time he arrested guilty people.  He arrested Vincent and Viki for all of the things they've done to everyone in Harmony.  Sam even seemed shocked that he did it.  That was really funny.  He wasn't the only one shocked by that.  We were surprised that he did it.  Hopefully Vincent and Viki won't end up getting out of jail the same way Alistair did.





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