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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #265

6/16/08 6/20/08

Pilar finally talked Theresa into leaving town
Pilar really had to dig down deep in her arsenal to get Theresa to change her mind about going on the trip to get away from Juanita.  Pilar had to remind Theresa about putting little Ethan first.  Theresa didn't seem to budge at first.  Pilar ended up having to drive it home that she has to forget about Ethan and put little Ethan first.  Pilar was finally able to get through to Theresa and she decided to go on the trip.

Theresa finally decided to leave
It certainly took long enough for Theresa to decide to leave town with her family.  She finally realized that she should put her children first.  We know that she will end staying in Harmony because she can't be without Ethan, but for now we'll be thankful that her children finally came first.

Pretty's scheme was finally revealed
Pretty's scheme was revealed this week.  Juanita wanted to find a way to make sure that Luis and Fancy's wedding wasn't postponed.  Juanita wanted to kill Pretty and her baby.  Juanita tripped Pretty and the bomb dropped.  Pretty's padding fell out from under her shirt.  Her goose was cooked.  We couldn't believe that Pretty couldn't talk herself out of what happened.  Luis wasn't hearing anything she had to say.  Since the truth was revealed that way, we were afraid that it was going to end up being a fantasy.  Reveals like that one only happen in fantasies.

Luis wanted to pity Pretty
Luis proved that he is really a good person.  He was willing to pity Pretty after what happened when he found out she wasn't pregnant.  He wanted to blame Alistair for what Pretty did.  Fancy didn't want to give Pretty that luxury.  Pretty hurt Luis more than she did her, but he was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Luis realized that Alistair did psychological damage to her.  Luis must really be a forgiving person to be willing to see that something is wrong with Pretty instead of worrying about what she did to ruin his relationship with Fancy.  Fancy did that enough for the both of them.






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