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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #261

5/19/08 5/25/08

Vincent worked with Sheridan
It was a nice change to see Vincent working with Sheridan this week.  For the majority of the time that Passions has been on DirecTV, Vincent has pretty much worked with Evian.  That finally changed.  Vincent has remembered how he wants to get revenge on Sheridan.  He wanted to kill her and take over her life.  This storyline change gives Vincent a chance to work with someone new.  It's also a way to give Sheridan a storyline that doesn't involve her coming between Luis and Fancy.  Maybe there's a chance that Sheridan will be considered a heroine again and she can get Luis back.

Theresa managed to outsmart Gwen
As we mentioned in the Rants section, Gwen wanted to send little Ethan off to boarding school immediately.  This was a plan of Gwen's to get Theresa to admit that she was really alive.  That was a really clever plan that Gwen had to get Theresa.  The only problem was that Theresa had a plan too.  She managed to stay a step ahead of Gwen by sneaking out of the library and writing a note to keep Gwen from sending her children away to boarding school.  Theresa's plan was pretty good.  She managed to save little Ethan without revealing her true identity.

Theresa saved little Ethan's life
Theresa sacrificed her life this week to protect her son.  That was really good because she doesn't usually do anything like that for anyone other than Ethan. Hopefully she will start thinking of her children more than she does.

The writers surprised us
The writer actually managed to surprise us.  They decided to finally kill off the character of Alistair Crane.  We certainly didn't see that coming at all.  We didn't see any spoilers at all that were indicating that Alistair was going to die.  The writers did a good job keeping that one under wraps.  We do have to wonder if Alistair really is dead this time since he has been killed before.  The drawback is that Theresa will be able to get everything now that he is dead.  She will also be able to have a clear path to Ethan.  It's best to stop there because this rave will turn into a rant. LOL!  Hopefully the writers will continue to give us more surprises before it goes off the air.




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