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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #260

5/12/08 5/16/08

Julian's reaction to the baby
Julian was cracking us up again during and after Vincent gave birth.  While Vincent was having trouble giving birth, he kept cracking jokes about cutting him the way Julian was cut in order to get the baby out.  Once the baby was born, he didn't know what to do for Vincent.  He didn't know whether to give him a cigar or a baby shower.  He was reacting the way anyone would if they were in his predicament.

Sheridan wanted to save Luis and Fancy
Sheridan swallowed her pride again and saved Luis and Fancy from crashing.  She could have let him die the same way Pretty wanted them too, but she didn't.  She wasn't going to let the man she loves die.  She also didn't want Fancy to die despite their differences.  Maybe this is a sign that the writers want Sheridan back into the good person she was before they butchered her.

Julian wanted a DNA test
Understandably, Julian wanted a DNA test done on Vincent's baby.  After what happened with Ethan and little Ethan turning out to be somebody else's, it's easy to see why he would want a DNA test done.

Gwen figured out Theresa is alive
Even though it didn't last long, Gwen figured out that Theresa is alive.  While Theresa was raping Ethan, she made so much noise that it made Gwen wake up from the drugs that Theresa gave her.  She saw Ethan and Theresa having sex.  She knew she wasn't drunk so she figured it must have been real.  She wouldn't let Pilar talk her out of believing that Theresa is alive.  Unfortunately it didn't last long because Ethan talked her out of believing that Theresa is alive.  It was nice to enjoy seeing Gwen with the town brain even if it was short lived.

Vincent went after Sheridan
When Vincent agreed not to go after Julian and Eve, he remembered that he had a score to settle with Sheridan.  He wanted to go after her for letting him fall down the cliff months ago.  We hope this will lead to a new story for Sheridan that doesn't revolve around Luis and Fancy.  We don't mind seeing Luis involved if he saves Sheridan, but other than that, we want this to be a story for Sheridan.

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