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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #259

5/5/08 5/9/08

Juanita escaped
Juanita is harder to catch than a cold.  The police caught her a couple of times, but she still managed to get away.  We don't care fore Juanita, but she gains points for wanting to go after the saintly Pilar.  Pilar thought she was on cloud nine when she thought Juanita was captured.  Now she has to sit in the dark and worry about Juanita coming after her.  Hopefully this will be a story for Pilar instead of Theresa.  The story was better when Juanita wanted to go after Pilar.  It went downhill when it became about Theresa.  Theresa is already in a long-running story.  She didn't need to be in the one with Juanita and Pilar too.

The truth about Vincent
The truth about Vincent/Valerie is finally out. Julian finally knows that Vincent is alive.  He also knows that Vincent is Valerie.  Julian wanted to go to Eve to get to the bottom of why she put his penis on wrong.  When he got there, he saw Vincent in labor.  He thought it was Valerie at first because Vincent had on the wig.  When Eve kept slipping and referring to Valerie as "he", Julian had no other choice but to accept Valerie as Vincent.  Well actually he saw Vincent's face and knew it wasn't Valerie.  You could have bought him for a quarter.  Eve reminded him that she tried to tell him that Vincent was alive, but he wouldn't believe her.  Once Julian tried to grasp what he was told, she filled him in on what Vincent did.  She told him how Vincent was the one who hurt Jonathan in order to make her look bad.  She told him how Vincent got her into rehab and dressed up as an orderly.  The only thing Julian care about was how Vincent was responsible for his penis being cut and put on wrong.  Julian was ready to kill Vincent.  He wished that Vincent as never born.  After everything Vincent did, we would wish that too.  Anyway, it was so funny watching Julian's reaction to Vincent being Valerie.  He was getting falling down drunk so he could cope with the news.  It was about time the writers had Julian find out about Vincent.  That story was going on long enough.



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