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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #256

4/7/08 – 4/11/08

Pretty’s pregnancy caused problems

We know Lancy fans won’t agree with this, but we are glad that Pretty’s plan is possibly causing trouble for them.  Fancy has been getting on our nerves with the way she brags about her relationship with Luis that we are looking forward to seeing what Pretty’s plan is going to do to Lancy’s relationship.  We don’t really care for Pretty, but Fancy makes it easier to root for her.  That’s why we don’t care that she’s pretending to be pregnant.  If it makes Fancy unhappy, we’re all for it.

Theresa’s plan didn’t work
When Theresa tried to ruin Ethan and Gwen’s date, it blew up in her face.  It serves her right.  She has been getting away with her other schemes, so something needed to go wrong.  When Ethan and Gwen were at the Blue Note, Theresa showed up too.  She had on a blonde wig and took off the Gertrude disguise.  She still looked like herself, but that’s neither nor there.  She wanted to find a way to make Gwen humiliate herself.  She saw a tray of food that she thought was Ethan and Gwen’s.  She put hot sauce in the food.  It ended up being for another woman.  In her attempt to ruin Ethan and Gwen’s night, she ruined someone else’s birthday.  The look on her face when she realized what she did was priceless.

Theresa’ one on one with little Ethan
Even though we ranted about Theresa wanting to leave, she eventually choose to stay in Harmony for her children.  It was a nice change to see her spend time with little Ethan.  They look cute together and should spend more time together.  Now all she needs to do is spend more time with Jane, but that’s a whole other issue all together.

Sheridan warned Luis
Sheridan let Luis know that Pretty planned on getting an abortion.  She could have kept him in the dark about the baby, but she didn’t.  She knew that Pretty’s “baby” would bond Pretty and Luis, but she wanted to think of Luis’s feelings first.




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Updated 4/19/08



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