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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #255

4/7/08 – 4/11/08

Gwen got the upper hand against Pilar
Pilar kept pushing her luck with Gwen when she threatened to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan.  Pilar must have forgotten that Gwen could contact Juanita anytime she felt like it.  When Pilar told Gwen that she was going to tell Ethan the truth, Gwen put her in her place.  She threatened to call Juanita.  Pilar had no other choice but to back down to her.

Little Ethan has the town brain
He was the only one who was able to figure out that Theresa was dressed as Gertrude.  She looked like herself except that she wore a wig, false teeth, glasses, and padding.  He looked at her for a few minutes and was able to make the connection.  Perhaps he needs to let the other Harmonites borrow his brain.

Pretty tricked Fancy
When Fancy gave Pretty the business for why she was at the hospital, Pretty made Fancy think that she wasn’t trying to go after Luis.  Instead, she came up with another plan.  She bribed a nurse to help her with her plan.  She wanted the nurse to change her hospital records to make everyone believe that she is pregnant.  Normally, we wouldn’t like this plan, but Fancy needs to be taken off of her high horse.

Rebecca slapped Eve
Eve had that slap coming when Rebecca found out that Julian’s penis was smaller and put upside down.  She slapped the taste out of her mouth.  It certainly sobered her up.  Eve needed something to sober her up.  Anyway, if Eve listened to the nurse instead of Vincent, she would have put his penis on right.  Hopefully Julian will sue the pants off of her and the hospital when he wakes up.  That will teach Eve to operate on people when she’s not sober. Maybe the hospital should hire Rebecca to slap Eve before she operates on people.  It seemed to sober her up.











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