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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #254

3/24/08 Ė 3/28/08

Rebecca showed Gwen how to entice Ethan
Normally that would be humiliating having your mother tell you what to do to seduce your spouse, but in Rebeccaís case, it was funny.  Gwenís reaction to the things that Rebecca wanted her to use was funny.  Rebecca had no shame and was able to give Gwen kinky things to use as if itís as natural as breathing.

Gwen kept her cool with little Ethan
Little Ethan was being kind of snappy with her when she tried to tell him that Theresa is dead.  Theresa went to see him and told him that she was a ghost.  She sang a song to him that she used to sing to him when he was younger.  Ethan heard the singing too and went to little Ethanís room.  Ethan and little Ethan were convinced that Theresa was alive.  Gwen tried to get them to realize that it would be impossible for her to be alive.  Gwen was trying to be comforting to little Ethan, but he was snappy with her a couple of times when he thought Theresa was in his room.  When Ethan checked little Ethanís closet and saw that Theresa wasnít in it, they accepted that she might not have been there.  Gwen tried to make little Ethan feel better by saying nice things to him about Theresa.  We know that must have been hard for her.  We donít know where she got the patience not to go off on him.

Pretty ripped into Ivy
As we mentioned in the Rants section, Pretty wanted Ivyís help to get a man to love her.  When Ivy refused to help, she ripped her a new one.  She let her have it for shipping her away because she was embarrassed by her scar.  She mentioned how Ivy wasnít there for her whenever she needed her.  She was right.  Ivy makes no attempt to help Pretty.  She claimed she wanted a better relationship with Pretty, but she never makes any attempt to do so. Pretty may not be right about many things, but she read Ivy like a book.  We actually enjoyed watching Pretty yelling at Ivy especially since she made Ivy speechless.

Luis didnít want a baby with Fancy
We were just about ready to throw in the towel on him getting back with Sheridan when there was a glimmer of hope.  He told fancy that he didnít want a baby with her yet.  He thought it was too soon for them to have a baby.  Our glimmer of hope came when he said that he is bonded with Sheridan because of Marty.  He also told her that having a baby takes time and planning and he didnít think it was the right time for them to have a baby.  It may see like a little glimmer, but at least he didnít want to rush and have another child.  He also remembered that he is bonded with Sheridan for life.  Maybe Sheridan will find out sheís pregnant with Luisís child.  Hey, it may be a tall leap, but stranger things have happened in Harmony.










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