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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #253

3/17/08 – 3/21/08

Sam defended Gwen
When Ethan was having a fit over being “stuck” with Gwen, Sam thought Ethan was being unfair to Gwen.  It was nice to hear someone realize how wrong Ethan is to consider himself “stuck” with Gwen.  It meant something coming from Sam since he is such a Theresa cheerleader.  Ethan had no other choice but to clean up what he was saying by admitting that he didn’t mean for it to come out the way it did.

Sam tried to reach out to Ethan
It was nice to see him being there for Ethan during his time of grief.  He kept trying to get Ethan to realize that life will get better for him even though he lost Theresa.  Sam knows what he is going through and used his loss as a way to make Ethan feel better.

Sam and Ethan’s reaction to catching Julian and Esme together
When Sam and Ethan went to question Esme about the murders, they walked in on Julian and Esme role playing.  They were dressed in jungle clothes. Esme was swinging from the ceiling.  Sam and Ethan’s reactions were hilarious. They didn’t know what hit them.

Julian gave Ethan his blessing to adopt little Ethan
Julian gave Ethan his blessing and permission to adopt little Ethan.  He took responsibility for not being a good father to little Ethan.  He also complimented Ethan and told him that he would be a good father. It was a nice moment between them.








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