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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #248

2/11/08 – 2/15/08

Rebecca flirted with Sam
When Rebecca was trying to get out of town, she ran into Sam.  He was suspicious of why she was suddenly leaving town.  Out of the blue, she started flirting with him.  She wanted him to go with her out of town so they could have a good time.  Sam didn’t want to go with her, naturally.  His reaction to her flirting was funny.  He got so uncomfortable with her that it had us cracking up.

Julian wanted to risk his life to catch the killer
Julian wanted to help Sam catch the killer of Esme’s boyfriends.  He wanted to catch the killer because he or she killed Fox. It was good to see him want to take action to catch Fox’s killer.  For a while there it seemed as if he forgot all about wanting Fox’s killer caught.

Julian and Ivy bonded…well, sort of
After Ivy was attacked by the “killer”, she and Julian were left alone.  They started talking about what happened to her and how he wanted to catch Fox’s killer.  They may not be a couple, but it’s good to see that they can be civil to each other.

Gwen and Pilar’s showdown
When Pilar found her strength, she ripped into Gwen.  She threatened Gwen that she would make her pay for what she did to her and Theresa.  She really would have made her pay if Theresa died.  She blamed Gwen for everything that happened in Mexico.  Gwen wasn’t taking that lying down.  Gwen fought back and reminded her of Theresa’s blame.  She said that Theresa was to blame for why Ethan was poisoned and he almost died because of her.  Pilar must have known that Gwen was right because she had nothing to say after that.  Both actresses did terrific jobs with their material.

The truth came out
Ethan learned the truth about little Ethan and Gwen and Rebecca’s blackmail.  When Theresa had to rescue herself out of the water, she made it to the pier where her family, Ethan, Gwen and Juanita were waiting to see if she were alive.  Once she reunited with her family and Ethan, she told him what Gwen and Rebecca did to her and Pilar.  She told him about the strange way she was acting and how Gwen forced her to lie during Jonathan’s crisis. Then she dropped the bomb about little Ethan being his son. Then he went off on Gwen.  He didn’t hold his tongue about his feelings for what she did to Theresa and her family.  Then he threatened to take Jonathan away from her.  If this reveal happened, then there was finally closure in the E/T/G triangle.  It would also be good for Theresa fans that she got to take down Gwen.  Since we are Gwen fans, we thought the scenes were written too one-sided against Gwen since Theresa should have felt some of Ethan’s wrath for keeping little Ethan’s paternity a secret.  Anywho, we are suspicious of how easily Theresa let the truth come out.  There’s no way that Ethan would have let her talk long enough to get the truth out.  For now, we hope Theresa fans got the chance to enjoy seeing her on top.  We won’t try and ruin that moment for you.




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Updated 2/17/08



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