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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #247

1/28/08 – 2/1/08

Pilar’s acting
We really liked Pilar’s acting when she was trying to get Juanita to spare her life as well as Theresa’s.  She did a good job with the material.  We felt the pain that she must have been going through knowing that she was about to lose her daughter.

Luis and Paloma bonded
Luis and Paloma bonded while they were at the Book Café.  They talked to each other about their relationships and their family problems.  It was good to finally see them have a conversation since they haven’t spoken to each other since the original Paloma left the show.  He also got the chance to play big brother for her when they caught Noah and Fancy on the wharf.

Rebecca’s the only one with the Harmony brain
She seems to be the only one with a working brain in Harmony.  She knew that Theresa could have been in Mexico trying to find Juanita when Gwen thought Theresa wouldn’t have been stupid enough to go there.  She knew that Esme was interested in Ethan and that Viki was up to something, but Gwen thought she was wrong.

Luis and Paloma busted Fancy and Noah
Thanks to Pretty, Luis and Paloma caught Fancy and Noah kissing.  Luis and Paloma confronted them about what they were doing instead of walking off.  Noah claimed it was all Fancy’s fault, but Luis and Paloma weren’t buying that excuse.  Paloma didn’t want to see Noah anymore since he cheated on her again.  Luis didn’t take what Fancy did lightly.  He wanted to know what she was with Noah, but she didn’t know why.  When Pretty used the implant device, Fancy tried to come on to Luis.  He wasn’t having it.  He didn’t want her kissing him.

The showdown continued when Paloma went to Tabitha’s house.  Noah went there to talk to Paloma.  Luis showed up not too long after that.  Luis and Noah got into it over the kiss.  Noah tried to be big and bad by saying that Luis was the reason why Fancy came on to him.  If he weren’t spending time with Sheridan, Fancy wouldn’t have kissed him.  He pretty much blamed Fancy and Luis for why he allowed Fancy to kiss him.  For now, Paloma and Luis didn’t forgive him for what he did.

Rebecca got stabbed
Viki stabbed Rebecca instead of Ethan.  Viki thought she was stabbing Ethan through a curtain, but it turned out to be Rebecca. Viki must not have stabbed her too hard because she was fine within a couple of minutes.  When Sam and Julian wanted to find out what happened, Esme said the killer only went after people she slept with or dated.  Everyone looked at Rebecca as if she and Esme must have slept together.  They seemed like they would have considered the option of being together if they were into women.  Then Gwen admitted that her father was a crossdresser.  Eventually, Esme and Rebecca denied that they slept together.  Those scenes were hilarious.




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