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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #246

1/21/08 – 1/25/08

Juanita read Theresa the riot act
Juanita was so on it when she read Theresa the riot act.  Theresa told Juanita her story about her love for Ethan.  Juanita said she understood what she was saying.  Theresa assumed Juanita was siding with her.  She couldn’t have been more wrong.  Juanita called her a scheming, manipulative slut like Pilar.  She recapped the things that Theresa has done over the years and was appalled by them.  It was about time someone other than Gwen and Rebecca called Theresa out about the things she’s done.  Theresa called herself trying to justify the things she has done, but Juanita wasn’t having it.  She told Theresa that she was trying to change the facts about what she did.  We were so glad that the writers didn’t forget all of the disgusting things Theresa has done over the years.  Guess it doesn’t say much that a crazy woman like Juanita knows that Theresa isn’t the saint she acts as if she is.

Fancy flipped out on Luis
Luis deserved to hear the things that Fancy said to him.  She was on the money when she called him an idiot because he is.  If he could still see the good in her after what she said about Marty, then he deserved to hear those things and more.  Fancy also does he best acting when she’s under the influence of the implant.  We don’t buy her good-girl act.  It’s a little more believable when she’s yelling at people the way she did.

Luis found his spine
For a few minutes, Luis found his spine.  When Fancy kept insulting Marty, he told her that he wanted her to leave the cottage.  We were surprised that he stood up to her like that.  Usually, Luis would have made excuses for the things she says.  He did end up making excuses for Fancy, but at least he waited until she was gone to do it.

Gwen and Ethan wanted to see Marty
Gwen and Ethan showed up at the cottage to see Marty.  That was nice of them to want to see Marty.  No one else thought to check on him.  That just shows that Gwen is a good friend to Sheridan since Sheridan wasn’t there at all for Gwen when Jonathan was on the verge of dying.




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