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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #244

1/7/08 Ė 1/11/08

Tabitha didnít give in to Kay
We were so glad that Tabitha didnít just cave when Kay wanted her to stop using her magic.  Tabitha told Kay she would stop using her powers, but she had her fingers crossed.  She told Endora that she wasnít going to stop using her powers.  It serves Kay right that Tabitha isnít going to stop using her powers since she could wait to tell Miguel that she and Tabitha are witches.

Viki finally spoke
It was about time Viki spoke when she was trying to finish Alistair off, he grabbed her arm.  She started to talk and wanted him to let her go.  While Alistair had her talking, he asked her why she was killing off Esmeís lovers.  She told him she didnít want to lose Esme because she was all she had left and she didnít want anyone to take Esme away from her.  We pretty much knew that was why she was killing her lovers, but it was good to have it confirmed.

Alistair and Vicki will be working together
Alistair wanted to use Vikiís talent for killing people to his advantage.  In order to keep from telling the police that she was the one who stabbed him, he wanted her to kill for him.  His first victim is Ethan.  He wanted Vicki to kill Ethan.  She didnít want to kill him because she thought Ethan was nice. When she saw Esme and Ethan hugging, she changed her tune.  We canít say that we are disappointed that Alistair wants him dead.  Anyway, we wonder who the next victim will be.

Sam and Ivy reunited
Sam and Ivy reunited this week.  We like them as a couple so we like how they got back together.  Granted, Sam shouldnít want to be with her after what she did to ruin his marriage, but that must not matter now.  Hopefully Ivy will learn her lesson and not do something that will ruin it.






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