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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #243

12/31/07 – 1/7/08

Fancy’s haircut
We want to compliment Fancy’s new haircut.  We weren’t sure about the way it looked last week because it was too straight or something, but this week, it looked nice.  For those of you who don’t know, Emily Harper (Fancy) got a haircut.  She cut her hair to her chin and it looks nice.  We did notice how she looks more like Sheridan with the shorter hair.  Is this a ploy to make Fancy look more like Sheridan?

Sheridan’s plan worked
As mentioned in the Rants section, we had good things about Sheridan’s plan.  We liked how her plan to keep Luis and Fancy apart worked.  Whatever keeps us from having to endure Luis and Fancy’s scenes are fine with us.  We know Lancy fans won’t approve of what Sheridan is doing, but since we’re Shuis fans, we will be for it.  Of course we’ll have bad things to say, but we’ll always be two-sided about it.

Alistair caught on to Esme
Esme just knew that her plan to get Alistair killed was going to work.  He wasn’t as dumb as she thought.  To be honest, we thought he was going to fall for her plan at first.  Then we realized there was no way that Alistair would fall for Esme’s seduction.  It helps how the preview for the episode let you know that he was on to her.  LOL! Anyway, when Esme kept putting off sleeping with Alistair, he figured out that she was trying to get him killed.  It didn’t really take rocket science for him to figure out what was going on.

The killer’s identity was revealed
We may have complained about the identity of the killer, but it was good how it was finally revealed.  More times than not, mysteries don’t get solved that fast on Passions.  Since the killer was so obvious, there wasn’t a point in dragging out the mystery any longer.




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