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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #320

8/4/08 8/8/08

It is practically heartbreaking to write the columns this week because this is the last week for Passions.  We didn't want to let our faithful readers down so we wanted to write something.

Gwen continued to dig her own grave
Gwen really messed things up for herself after Theresa told Ethan what she'd done.  Gwen continued to drive it home that she was perfectly honest with Ethan throughout the years that they were together.  That was a big mistake on her part.  She knew that she and Rebecca were caught, but she still continued to deny any wrongdoings.  Gwen thought she was out of the woods because Esme broke Sam's camera when she showed up in the basement at the church.  That was the perfect time to walk away from Ethan so she could keep her dignity.  Gwen saw that Ethan practically forgot about her once he realized that Theresa was still alive.  She continued to let everyone know that she was married to Ethan and that they were going to stay married.  Once she finally convinced Ethan that they were going to be together, she had to make a speech.  Can you believe that?  She actually had to make a speech about how she loves Ethan and deserved to be happy.  She was right to feel that way, but that didn't mean that she should talk to people who didn't care for her one way or the other.  Her stalling proved to be her downfall.  Little Ethan managed to fix the tape and yes she was busted.  That could have been avoided if Gwen didn't continue to drag her feet when she had her chance to leave.  We were always on Gwen's side, but she really shot herself in the foot with her constant denials and stalling.

The writers rewrote Rebecca and Gwen's confessions
We know that the writers wanted to give Ethan and Theresa fans a happy ending, but that was ridiculous.  We were watching when Gwen and Rebecca were talking about their schemes.  They only mentioned Juanita and the tabloid scandal.  Fast forward a week and they ended up confessing to everything.  Also, Rebecca was the one who mentioned how they outted Ethan as a Bennett, but the playback was different.  Gwen ended up saying how they revealed Ethan's paternity to the tabloids.  Gwen and Rebecca also didn't say anything about JT or even Jonathan's surgery.  Gwen kept trying to stop Rebecca from talking so much so why would she want to talk about everything they've done.  That's right.  Theresa was supposed to get everything.  It's a shame that the writers forgot all about Gwen's fans when they decided to end this story.  They only cared about putting Ethan and Theresa back together regardless of what they had to do to make that happen.

Sheridan and Ivy turned on Gwen
Sheridan and Ivy proved that they weren't really friends with Gwen after all.  They didn't take long to turn on her once Ethan found out about Theresa being alive.  Ivy had a reason to be upset with Gwen after the truth came out.  Our problem was how she as well as Sheridan turned on Gwen before the truth was revealed.  Let's start with what Sheridan did to Gwen.

Sheridan had the gall to tell Gwen to let Ethan be with Theresa.  Sheridan was being such a hypocrite.  Sheridan had no problem trying to get Luis to leave Fancy, but she expected Gwen to leave Ethan and Theresa alone.  Sheridan also called Gwen out when the truth came out.  Sheridan called Gwen a b*tch.  She mentioned how Gwen was willing to let Marty die.  Give us a break.  Sheridan was willing to let Vincent die to get Marty.  She was also willing to let everyone die just to get Luis.  Now that she knows her precious Marty could have died, she thought it was wrong to resort to anything to be with the man you love.

Ivy was a hypocrite too.  She practically forced Ethan to be with Gwen, but she changed her mind too.  Ivy didn't care that Theresa was the one that Ethan loved.  She still didn't want him with her.  We remember how she even went so far as to frame Theresa and let Ethan think that she pushed her down the stairs.  She also caused Grace to lose her baby and her scheme ended up getting Grace killed.  Ivy was no one to judge Gwen for what she did when her actions were worse.  Now that she knows about Gwen, she suddenly wants Ethan to be happy with Theresa.  If that were true, why didn't she want them together sooner?

Rebecca helped bury Gwen
Rebecca really helped bury Gwen.  First, she couldn't get the camera from little Ethan.  A little boy was able to outsmart her and that was the reason that Gwen was busted.  Just when we thought Rebecca couldn't ruined things for Gwen any more, we were wrong.  Rebecca provided the out that Ethan needed to be with Theresa.  Rebecca blurted out that Gwen is still married to some guy that she met in Vegas.  Rebecca could have kept that to herself.  It's funny how that bit of information never came up before the finale.  Rebecca didn't even know where Gwen was when she left town.  Gwen also didn't want to to talk to her so when could they gave gone to Vegas?  Here's a thought.  If Gwen was married to another man while she was gone, couldn't he be Jonathan's father?  Ethan doesn't have to be his father.  We were surprised that Rebecca didn't blurt that out too.

The ending felt rushed
We felt a little gypped by the way the show ended.  Everything seemed so rushed and it wasn't right.  The writers knew for months that the show was being canceled so they had time to plan the finale.  We think that the writers should have started wrapping up the E/T/G storyline a few weeks earlier.  This was the longest storyline on the show and the reveal was anti-climatic.  The reveal  seemed too rushed and that wasn't right.  The writers could have let those scenes play out for a t least of couple of weeks.  That way Ethan and Theresa could have had a better wedding.  They were the only couple that got married that were obviously intended to be together since the beginning of the show, but they got the shaft.  They had the shortest ceremony and that's also the time Fancy and Paloma chose to reveal that they were pregnant.  Why didn't they say something sooner?  When were they going to say anything about it?  They didn't mention it when they were poisoned either.  Anyway, Ethan and Theresa fans were waiting a long time for their wedding only for it to be a rushed ceremony.  We didn't get a Shuis reunion, but it would have been nice to see an originally intended couple have a better wedding than that.










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