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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #319

7/28/08 8/1/08

Rebecca blew her chance to destroy Sam's camera
Rebecca really blew it.  She had the incriminating evidence against her and Gwen right in her hands, but she didn't capitalize on it.  Sam and eventually Ivy saw her with the camera.  Rebecca and Ivy fought over the camera and it fell on the floor.  Rebecca thought that she and Gwen were out of the woods.  That ended up not being the case at all.  Little Ethan was able to fix the camera.  Rebecca could have avoided that if she were thinking more.  Rebecca should have watched the footage in the bridal room instead of in the hallway.  Once she saw what was on the camera, she could have hid the camera or smashed it.  She also could have let Sam think that it was her camera and not his.  She really shouldn't have been so smug about her achievement considering she didn't know for a fact that the camera was broke.

No one obviously cared for Noah/Paloma's wedding
Noah and Paloma got married.  No one really seemed to care too much about the ceremony.  Their guests seemed to care more about themselves than they did about Noah and Paloma getting married.  Sam wasn't even there to see the bulk of the ceremony because of Ethan's whining about talking to Gertrude.  Their ceremony was short.  The bulk of it wasn't even shown.  The writers obviously didn't care for this couple either.  We know that Noah and Paloma are Harmony's most boring couple, but they deserved a better ceremony than that.

Sheridan chose Antonio
This is a good thing and a bad thing.  We'll stick with the bad reason in this section.  We don't like the fact that the writers have made it seem as if Antonio was the love of Sheridan's life.  We know that isn't true.  As we mentioned last week, Sheridan chose Luis over Antonio when he "died".  Now that he's back, we have to endure everyone saying how much they loved each other and shared past lives together.  We also don't understand how Sheridan can be so lovey dovey with Antonio now when she was practically on her hands and knees begging Luis not to marry Fancy.  Now she's ready to move on with Antonio as if nothing happened.  We are probably in the minority, but we liked Antonio.  We just didn't like that he came between Shuis and he's done it again.  We would much rather see Shuis back together than see her with Antonio.

Theresa ran her mouth to Juanita
Theresa chose to dump her numerous problems with Ethan on the wrong person.  She unknowingly spilled her guts to Juanita.  Juanita already thought she looked familiar, but Theresa solidified her suspicions.  Theresa just had to keep talking to Juanita about how much she loved Ethan.  To her credit, Theresa didn't say his name.  She did end up saying enough for Juanita to get the connection.  If Theresa didn't choose to talk to a stranger about her love life, Juanita wouldn't have figured out Theresa's true identity.

Here are some random thoughts:

Does Gwen have any pride whatsoever?  She knows that Ethan is going to be in love with Theresa so why would she want to renew her vows with him?  He was unfaithful to her before so what is going to keep him faithful this time?

Ethan needs to just call off his ceremony with Gwen.  He doesn't want to be with her so why hurt her like that?  Gwen doesn't deserve to be hurt like that. 

Endora only has herself to blame for why she and Tabitha were trapped in their house.  If she weren't playing around so much when Tabitha wanted to leave Harmony, that wouldn't have happened.  Tabitha also wouldn't have lost her powers because they would have been gone.









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