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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #318

7/21/08 7/25/08

Theresa was being so self-centered
Theresa knew that her brothers were getting married, but all she kept worrying about was her relationship with Ethan.  We are not happy about the fact that Luis married Fancy or that Kay married Miguel, but she could have cared.  This was a special day for her brothers, but it didn't matter to her.  she only whine about how she lost Ethan and couldn't stand to see him marry Gwen.  Well what about her brothers?  This was the first time they were married (legally) so it's a special moment for them.  Didn't they deserve her attention?  She had three thousand weddings so maybe that's why she didn't care.  Also, why did she forget Paloma?  She didn't mention her at all at the church and she left without seeing the wedding.

Gwen and Rebecca kept talking so much
Gwen and Rebecca obviously want to be exposed.  They chose to recap what they've done throughout the years at the church.  That was really stupid.  Gwen is our girl, but she will deserve it when she is caught.  She never should have opened her mouth at the church.  Rebecca really nailed Gwen's coffin shut.  Rebecca had to even mention what they did to frame Theresa.  Yes, she mentioned how they revealed Ethan's paternity to the tabloids.  Sam's camera was filming everything in the room so it's only a matter of time before they are caught.

The writers are rewriting Sheridan and Antonio's relationship
For some reason, the writers have tried to rewrite the feelings Sheridan had for Antonio.  Long-time viewers know that Sheridan only stayed with Antonio because he was dying.  Sheridan wanted to be with Luis.  Now all of a sudden, Luis and Pilar think Antonio and Sheridan had a great love.  Give us a break.  We know that Luis and Sheridan were in love.  Luis risked his relationship with Antonio because he had to have Sheridan back again.

Ethan needs to stop whining
We get it!  Ethan loves Theresa.  We don't need to endure hearing it over and over again.  He seems to be going for a record with how many times he has to say that he loves her.  Do the writers think we'll forget how he feels if he gets through a week without saying it?  He should just break up with Gwen and mourn Theresa forever.

Luis married Fancy
This was so heartbreaking for Shuis fans.  We don't feel like going into details about this disgusting moment, but it does fit in this section.  We can't believe that we waited nine years to finally see Shuis get married and we never got it.  It's bad enough we had to watch Sheridan marry other men, but did we have to see this too?









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