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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #317

7/14/08 7/18/08

Kay was being selfish
Kay was really working our nerves when she kept bugging Tabitha to go to her wedding.  Kay knew that Tabitha felt down because she isn't a witch anymore, but that didn't stop her.  Kay still kept bothering Tabitha.  It would have been nice to see Kay spend more time talking to Tabitha about how she was feeling when she lost her powers.  We know that Kay was excited about getting married, but it wouldn't have hurt her to take the time to talk to Pilar about her problems.

Pilar wasn't suspicious of Juanita
Pilar spoke to Juanita twice, but she still didn't recognize her.  That was really hard to believe.  Pilar is constantly looking over her shoulder making sure Juanita isn't there, but she didn't get suspicious when she spoke to her.  Pilar didn't think that Juanita looked familiar, but she didn't pursue it.  We don't get it.  Pilar saw a stranger in town, but she didn't put two and two together.  If we were in her position, we would have been suspicious of anyone who was a stranger.  It's no wonder Juanita was able to get away with stalking Pilar unobserved.

Juanita called Gwen out of the blue
What was the point of Juanita calling Gwen?  She hasn't made any attempt to call Gwen before, but she decided to do it now.  It's obvious that the writers are trying to come up with what they think is a plausible way to expose Gwen for helping Juanita.  That's probably why Theresa had to be the one who answered the phone.  Couldn't the writers come up with a better way to expose her?

Endora has become a teenager
We are not happy that the writers have aged Endora.  We thought that Nicole fit the part and she was adorable.  We don't really like the actress who is playing her now.  We think that Juliet and Nicole have really great chemistry together.  Juliet looked like she was talking to a stranger when she was talking to this Endora.  Speaking of Endora, if she was able to zap herself as well as Tabitha to the church for the wedding, then why couldn't she make herself a little girl again?  We hope she can do that because we don't want to keep enduring the teenage version of Endora.

Enough with the fantasies
We are really getting sick of the writers wasting so much screen time on fantasies.  Theresa had a long one last week about telling Ethan the truth and now Gwen had one about killing Theresa.  There was n point to either fantasy so they were a waste of time.  The time the writers are wasting time on the fantasies could be used on other scenes.







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