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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #316

6/30/08 7/4/08

Shuis are finished
It was a bad week for Shuis fans.  Luis and Sheridan finally talked about their relationship.  Sheridan asked Luis if she had a chance with him.  He didn't come out and say no, but he didn't tell her they had a chance either.  Luis told Sheridan how they always ended up a part in their past lives.  He also told her that she will find a man who loves her.  That really disappointed us.  It proved to us that Shuis are finished as a couple.  We can't begin to tell you how disappointed we are that Shuis will never get the wedding that they deserve.  JER has to be the worst soap writer in history since he obviously didn't have a problem destroying a great couple like Shuis.

Fancy pushed her luck with Pretty
Fancy would have deserved it if Pretty shot her this week.  Pretty flipped out and she grabbed Fancy's gun.  Pretty was ready to shoot her.  Instead of Fancy trying to talk Pretty off the ledge, she chose to push her luck.  She started taunting Pretty again.  It's too bad that Luis had to stop Pretty from shooting Fancy by grabbing the gun from her.

Pretty's madness because Sheridan's moment
Pretty flipped out and Sheridan started to believe that she could go mad too.  Sheridan is back to being self-centered all over again.  Sheridan wasn't even worried about Pretty going mad anymore.  She was more concerned that she is going mad too. We hope that Sheridan's sudden concern for her sanity isn't foreshadowing that she will be locked up again.  Do the writers really think that the audience will be satisfied with Sheridan being locked up while Lancy get married?  They thought wrong because we want a Shuis reunion.

Juanita's a broken record
We are really getting sick of Juanita.  All she ever does is make empty threats to her henchman.  We can practically say her lines with her whenever she's shown.  Juanita is constantly saying that she will destroy Pilar and her family.  Her threats are really getting old.  It's time for Juanita to do something or get out of Harmony.

Sheridan contemplated keeping quiet about Vincent and Viki
Sheridan proved that she hasn't really changed the way we thought.  Sheridan knows that Viki's the one killing Esme's boyfriends.  She also knows that Vincent was at the church plotting with Viki to kill people at the rehearsal dinner.  Sheridan was going to tell Sam or Luis, but she had second thoughts.  For some reason, she thought she would have a chance with Luis if she kept quite.  Sheridan would let Fancy die and she would be with Luis again.  That plan didn't make any sense at all.  Vincent tried to kill her so you would think that she would want him caught.  Also, there's no guarantee that Luis would be with Sheridan again even if Fancy did die.  If she is going to let Fancy die, then why did she stop Pretty from killing her?  Sheridan could have let Pretty throw acid in Fancy' face.  Sheridan can't have it both ways.  She can't stoop Pretty from hurting Fancy and then keep quiet while she dies just to get Luis.  We're pretty sure that she will use her sudden madness as an excuse for her actions if she goes through with letting Vincent and Viki kill people.






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