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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #315

6/23/08 6/27/08

Pretty's fantasy was a waste of screen time
The writers really wasted our time with Pretty's fantasy this week.  Pretty had a very long fantasy about throwing acid on Fancy.  There was no need to drag that out as long as it lasted.  We weren't fooled at all by it.  We knew there was no way that Pretty would have been able to get away with throwing acid on Pretty.  It's hard to believe that there were too many people who believed that it really happened.  Fancy's acting was really bad in the fantasy after Pretty threw the acid so that was really a big hint that it was only a fantasy.

The problems with Pretty's secret
As you know, Pretty's scar was fake.  When did the writers decide to do that?  It's hard for us to believe that her scar was fake all along.  If Pretty wasn't really scarred, why did she stay away so long?  She claimed that she couldn't be in Harmony anymore because of what happened to her face.  Why did Alistair say all of those horrible things to Pretty if her scar was fake?  Why did she let him think that she was "ugly" because of her scar?  What did Pretty plan to prove by pretending she was scarred?  She claimed her scar was the reason why no man wanted her so what is the real reason now?  We really do wonder if this was a last minute decision as a way to write Pretty out of Lancy's storyline.

How did Sheridan know about Pretty
Sheridan was the one who revealed that Pretty's scar was fake.  We wonder how she knew about that.  Sheridan made it seem as if she has known the truth for a while.  If she knew the truth, why didn't she say anything to Luis sooner?  Unless it's going to happen next week, why didn't Luis or Fancy ask Sheridan how long she's known the truth?  Speaking of Sheridan, if she knew that Pretty's scar was fake, why did she think nasty things about her scar?

Fancy was let off the hook
It's obvious to us that the writers consider Fancy to be Harmony's Salem witch.  She is always the poor little victim and now is no different.  Now that Pretty's scar is fake, Fancy's wrongdoings are downplayed.  Fancy is let off the hook.  We know that the writers love Fancy, but she didn't have to be let off the hook for what she did to Pretty.  Are we really expected to forget what she did to Pretty just because the scar was fake?  Just because her face is fine now that doesn't mean that Fancy is innocent.  If the writers think that rewriting what she did to Pretty will make die-hard Shuis fans like her, then they are mistaken.

Ethan is an egomaniac
Ethan was so full of himself when he was talking to Theresa.  He assumed that Gertrude had to be in love with him.  We all know the truth, but he doesn't know it yet.  What was he going to do if Gertrude did say that she loved him?  Would he have left Gwen?  If he wouldn't have, then why did it matter to him how she feels one way or the other?






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