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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #314

6/16/08 6/20/08

The way Pretty's secret came out
Maybe it was just us, but we weren't really satisfied by the way Pretty's scheme was revealed. It was hard to believe that Pretty's padding would fall out that easily.  Pretty went to a lot of trouble bribing doctors and nurses to keep them from revealing her secret, but she was exposed by getting tripped.  That didn't make any sense because Juanita's wig didn't fall off her head when they fell.  Couldn't the writers have come up with a better way to reveal Pretty's sceme?  That brings us to our next rant.

Luis and Fancy's reactions to Pretty's secret
We are happy that Pretty has been exposed, but we didn't really like Luis and Fancy's reactions to it.  Luis was really over the top when he slammed the padding on the floor when he yelled at Pretty.  Fancy was being annoying with her constant shrieking and whining.  She also annoyed us when she brought up what she did to Pretty.  We knew that she didn't regret what she did to Pretty so all she did was confirm it for us.  That really did ruin the reveal for us. She didn't have to make the situation about herself.  Anyway, their reactions were so badly done we weren't sure that it was really happening.

Pilar had to try too hard to convince Theresa to leave Harmony
It didn't make any sense at all that Pilar had to try so hard to convince Theresa to make sure her son was safe from Juanita.  Theresa proves over and over that Ethan is more important than the safety of her children.  She was only willing to leave when she felt defeated.  She wanted to leave Harmony once she realized that she couldn't be with Ethan again when he recommits to Gwen.  We will admit that she did realize that she should put her son first.  It's a shame that it took Pilar so long to convince Theresa to leave Harmony for little Ethan. We also want to add that Pilar didn't mention Jane while she was talking Theresa into leaving Harmony with the family.  She only mentioned little Ethan.  Maybe she is constantly forgotten because she is the product of rape.  Right, we're supposed to forget about that.

Fancy and Sheridan judging Pretty
Pretty did a stupid thing and deserved to be exposed.  With that said, Fancy and Sheridan's judgment of Pretty started to bug us.  Fancy was criticizing what Pretty did as if she is a saint.  fancy was a spoiled little brat who was capable of doing anything to anyone.  As far as we are concerned, she hasn't changed a bit.  all Fancy cares about is herself and she proved that by overreacting when Luis wanted to pity Pretty.  Fancy couldn't wait to make Pretty's actions into a pity party for herself.  She is no better than Pretty as far as we are concerned.

Sheridan also didn't have a nerve to judge Pretty either.  Sheridan did bad things to keep Lancy apart too.  Sheridan also used Marty to come between Lancy as well.  She may not have faked a pregnancy, but she is a schemer too.

Will Ethan just dump Gwen already
Is anyone else getting sick of Ethan acting as if he lost his best friend?  We all get that he loves Theresa, but he chose to move on with his life.  Gwen didn't force Ethan to be with her, but he acts as if she put a gun to his head.  He needs to do us all a favor and mourn Theresa forever.  He is really getting on our nerves by constantly whining to Gertrude that Theresa is the love of his life.  We're so tired of it that his scenes with Theresa have become extremely boring to us.  We can barely stand to watch them together anymore because we will have to endure more garbage like that.  We used to like this story, but we are sick of hearing Ethan gush over Theresa.






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