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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #313

6/9/08 6/13/08

The writers forget that Gwen has fans too
For the past six months or so, it's been hard to be a Gwen fan.  The writers have really gone overboard to try and make Gwen look like a monster.  We understand that the writers love Theresa so much, but Gwen has a fanbase too.  It would be nice if the writers would remember that.  Gwen was never a bad person.  She just rightfully wanted to get revenge on Theresa.  We are personally getting sick of watching Theresa look like the Salem witch (a victim) while Gwen is the moustache twirling villain.

Ethan's constant whining
We're probably alone here, but we are getting sick of hearing Ethan whine about how much he loves and misses Theresa.  We got the hint the first three thousand times he said it.  We now that the writers don't want us to forget that Ethan and Theresa love each other, but give us a break.  We don't need to be reminded of it in every episode.  If Ethan loves her so much, why did he decide to make it work with Gwen?  He really does prove that he loves Theresa, doesn't he?

Kay and Miguel didn't realize Juanita was
Kay and Miguel proved that they really are dumb.  For some reason, they didn't seem to realize who Juanita was.  They knew that Juanita was on her way to Harmony so you would think that they would have recognized her.  To make matters worse, they decided to spill their guts to her.  That was really stupid of them.  Who else would have showed up in Harmony out of the blue but Juanita?

Gwen fell for little Ethan's trick
Gwen fell for little Ethan's trick.  Little Ethan showed Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa footage as a tribute.  Little Ethan had a lot of footage of Ethan and Theresa together.  Gwen reacted exactly the way little Ethan wanted.  She flipped out when she saw the pictures of Ethan and Theresa together.  This is what little Ethan wanted.  He counted on her reacting like a psycho about his surprise.  She ended up looking bad when she saw the footage little Ethan had of her and Ethan together.  Little Ethan's plan wouldn't have worked if Gwen weren't acting so insecure.

Juanita keeps dragging her feet
We are really tried of hearing Juanita's empty threats about what she's going to do to Pilar and her family.  Her threats don't mean anything when she makes them so much.  She had her chance to kill Miguel, Kay, and Maria, but she chose to wait so that Pilar can suffer.  What is she waiting for?  That is the same mistake she made when she had Pilar and Theresa at her house in Mexico.  She waited so long that they managed to escape.  The writers really are wasting their time and ours on a pointless character like Juanita.







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