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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #312

6/2/08 Ė 6/6/08

Theresa wouldn't leave Harmony
Theresa proves over and over again that Ethan means more to her than anyone else.  Pilar told her that Juanita is on her way to Harmony and they have to leave.  Theresa doesn't want to leave because she can't be away from Ethan.  For some reason, she thinks that she is safe because Juanita thinks she's dead.  Theresa thinks that she can fool Juanita with that pitiful disguise.  She also has herself convinced that she is already dead if she can't be with Ethan.  Isn't that a great way for a mother to talk?  Theresa never once told Pilar that she wanted to be around for her children.  She only spoke of Ethan and how she couldn't let him be with Gwen.  Theresa would obviously rather something happen to her kids than lose her chance at breaking up Ethan's relationship once again.  Theresa really needs to get her priorities straight.  The woman should care about her children the way she cares about Ethan.  When she acts this way, she proves why she is one of the worst mothers on the show.

Fancy didn't want Luis to go after Vincent
What is wrong with this woman?  Right, the answer to that question could fill the entire page.  Fancy was becoming very whiny when Luis told her that he wanted to catch Vincent before they took a trip anywhere.  She was upset and didn't seem to care if Vincent were ever caught.  She also asked Luis if someone else could find him.  Are you kidding/  Why would she react that way?  The man raped her.  You would think that she would want him to be caught just as much as Luis.  She also knows that Vincent framed Luis so she should understand his need to want to catch him.  If she cared about Luis, then she would want him to get the man who would have allowed him to die for his crimes.

Tabitha is slipping
What is happening to Tabitha?  She used to be able to know when someone is evil, but now she doesn't.  Tabitha didn't realize that Juanita was pumping her for information about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  Tabitha fell right for Juanita's trap.  Tabitha didn't even get suspicious that Juanita wanted to know so much about Pilar and her family.  She wasn't even suspicious that Juanita wanted to buy her house out of the blue.  This must be the beginning of the end of Passions if Tabitha can be tricked by a mortal.

Here are some random thoughts

Since Pilar knows that Juanita knows her last name and where she lives, why canít she and Theresa tell Ethan the truth about Gwen?  Gwen doesnít have anything over Pilar anymore so Ethan can know everything now.

If Jessica is suddenly in rehab, who is watching her son?  Sami is supposed to be investigating Alistairís murder and Ivyís attempted murder so he canít be with him.

How did Pilar expect to leave Harmony with Theresaís insurance money when sheís still alive?  That is insurance fraud.  Also, if she could talk Theresa into going on the trip, how did she plan on telling her kids that Theresa is really alive after all?






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Updated 6/4/08



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