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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #311

5/26/08 Ė 5/30/08

Alistairís real shooter
It turned out that Viki was the one who shot Alistair.  We thought this was a copout.  Viki being the shooter required her to know too much.  She had to conveniently know when to show up at the hospital with a gun.  She also had to know the precise moment when Julian was going to shoot Alistair.  Does Viki have psychic ability to know that Eve and Julian were going to kill him?  It was so obvious that this plot twist was added to keep Julian from going to jail for killing Alistair.  Why else would Alistair practically blame Julian for shooting him if the killer was Viki?

Pretty is getting away with too much
Pretty is getting away with too much and we are sick of it.  Itís a good thing that Luis is dumb beyond belief because she would have been caught by now.  She is able to convince Luis that she is at least five or six months pregnant without a single exam.  She hasnít had an ultrasound or anything and he doesnít notice a thing.  Pretty was even able to take a drink and she still got away with it.  Whenever it looks like sheís going to get caught, it doesnít mean anything because she never does.  Pretty can always find a nurse or a doctor to bribe so that she wonít be caught faking her pregnancy.  This woman must be born under a good sign since she can always stay a step ahead of Luis.

Does Ethan love Theresa as he claims
We know that itís a requirement that Ethan must remind us constantly that he loves Theresa, but is that really true?  He told ďGertrudeĒ that his heart always skipped a beat when he was with Theresa.  If thatís true, why doesnít it skip when he is with ďGertrudeĒ?  Itís not as if sheís a different person.  She isnít even wearing a convincing disguise and he doesnít notice her.  Ethan also kissed ďGertrudeí this week, but he still didnít figure out that sheís Theresa.  He obviously doesnít love her the way we are expected to believe.

Eveís unconvincing performance for Sam
Sam proved that he really is a keystone cop this week.  He was trying to investigate what happened to Sheridan when she ended up in the hospital.  Sheridan told Sam and Luis how Vincent put her in a barrel and threw her over Niagra Falls.  Eve and Julian tried to convince Sam and Luis that Sheridan was wrong.  We were scratching our heads over Eveís performance in particular.  Eve was not very convincing at all when she told Sam that Sheridan couldnít have been attacked by Vincent.  We couldnít believe that Sam actually bought what Eve as saying.  It looked like Sam was on to something when he reminded her about the time that she thought Vincent was alive.  Eve managed to get out of that by blaming the drugs and booze.  If Sam could buy such obvious lies, then we are not surprised that he canít catch anyone who commits a crime in Harmony.

Viki is also getting away with too much
Viki is just as bad as Pretty.  This girl can constantly walk around Harmony with weapons and no one sees her.  Viki has killed many people and she hasnít been caught Viki can also keep getting her hands on needles and drugs without any problems.  This girl is so lucky that she doesnít need gloves or masks to keep from getting caught.  Lucky for Viki Sam didnít think to get prints from the bullet that killed Alistair.  Since Viki didnít use gloves to shoot him, her prints might have been on the bullet.  Viki is always at the scenes of her crimes and no one will ever notice her or question her about it.

Fancyís sudden insecurity
What is up with Fancy suddenly being insecure about Sheridan?  Luis was trying to reach out to Sheridan when she was unconscious at the hospital.  Fancy looked like she was threatened by it.  When did Fancy start feeling that way again?  What happened to the cocky woman who was so sure that she was going to keep Luis?

Gwen keeps talking too much
Gwen is our girl and all, but she really needs to stop talking in front of Theresa.  Gwen told Ethan about the renewal ceremony with Theresa in the room.  Why couldnít she have waited until she and Ethan were alone to mention it?  That way Theresa wouldnít be able to come up with a plan to stop them.

Theresa didnít want to leave Harmony
Once Pilar found out that Juanita was after her she wanted to leave Harmony.  Theresa wasnít willing to do it.  She didnít want to leave Ethan.  Theresa told Pilar to have faith in the police.  Why didnít Theresa have faith in them when she was in hiding?  She could have stayed away from Harmony until the police caught Juanita.  Right, she couldnít stay away from Ethan.  Are you kidding?!  Theresa would much rather her children as well as her family be killed just because she canít be away from Ethan.  That is just disturbing.  It would have made more sense if she said that she didnít want to run away again because she hated it or something like that.  She didnít have to use Ethan as an excuse to stay in Harmony.

Here are some random thoughts:

Why would Miguel and Paloma want Gwen to be a part of their ceremony?  They know how much she and Theresa hated each other so that didnít make any sense.

How did Pilar know to have her cell phone bill transferred to Carmilita?  She thought Juanita was arrested so she had no reason to do that.  If she didnít, then Carmilita wouldnít be killed.

Why did Viki go after Alistair?  She was trying to kill Julian all of this time so why did she decide to kill Alistair?  Was she trying to get Julian sent to prison?  Also, why did she use a gun this time?  She was using knives and drugs, but she chose to use a gun this time.  Why didnít she use this gun when she tried to kill Julian?




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