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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #310

5/19/08 5/25/08

Theresa wouldn't reveal herself for little Ethan
Theresa wasn't willing to reveal her identity for little Ethan when he asked her to do it.  Gwen wanted to send little Ethan to boarding school immediately and Theresa revealing her true identity could have prevented that.  For some reason, she didn't want to do it.  She was convinced that the family would be killed.  Rewind to a week before and Theresa was willing to reveal herself to Ethan.  That's right.  She didn't think she could stand seeing Ethan with Gwen anymore.  That was enough of a reason to tell Ethan who she was, but she couldn't do it to keep little Ethan from going to boarding school.  Lucky for Theresa, she conveniently had time to write a phony letter about not wanting her children to go to boarding school.  If she didn't she would have been watching her son go off to boarding school.

Fancy and Luis' scenes this week
We couldn't have been more bored with their scenes this week.  All they did was stay in Fancy's room and fantasized about their wedding.  As Shuis fans, we really couldn't have cared less about those scenes.  We would have preferred to watch the other scenes that took place during the episode.  We were so happy that their scenes were in one episode this week.  It would have been more interesting to read the instruction on a tube of toothpaste than to endure their sickening fantasizes or their love scenes.  We're sure that Lancy fans will not agree with us.  We are not trying to offend you, but we really didn't like their scenes this week.

Eve didn't want to kill Alistair before
Eve knows that Alistair has been a thorn in her side for years.  Alistair has destroyed her entire family, but she didn't feel the need to kill him sooner.  Alistair was the reason why Chadney thought they were brother and sister.  Did she want to storm in the mansion with a knife or a gun?  Alistair also raped her sister and that was part of the reason why Liz hated her, but she didn't want to kill him then either.  She's also known for years that Alistair had taken her son, but she did nothing about it.  Now all of a sudden he has to die?!  Give us a break!  Eve had plenty of reasons to kill him, but now she suddenly wants to do it.  That brings us to our next rant.

Alistair pressed his luck with Eve
Eve showed up in Alistair's hospital room to kill him this week.  For some reason, Alistair chose to taunt Eve about Vincent instead of getting on her good side.  He kept telling her how Vincent is a freak and he seemed to be proud of the way he treated his grandson.  Why would someone do that when they know they are about to be killed?  That didn't make any sense at all.  Alistair obviously felt that he was immortal and couldn't be killed, but he found out the hard way that he could be killed.

Pilar didn't care about little Ethan
There was an earthquake in Harmony this week.  Little Ethan got scared and went to the library.  He found Pilar and Theresa in there.  Pilar told Theresa not to worry about him.  That seemed odd to us.  Pilar did managed to to herself later on.  Theresa risked her life to save little Ethan once a bookcase started falling.  Theresa jumped in front of it to keep it from falling on little Ethan.  Pilar only seemed worried about Theresa being under the bookcase.  Pilar only screamed out for Theresa at first.  Pilar also kept talking about everything that Theresa had survived so she couldn't die that way.  Pilar did give a throwaway comment about little Ethan's surgery, but she still didn't really care about him.  We should all have a grandmother like that.

Here are some random thoughts:

Is anyone else getting sick of hearing Juanita's empty threats?  All she ever does is threaten to kill people and that's it.  She had all of Pilar's family in Mexico, but she never killed them.  Her threats against Pilar will mean nothing until she actually does something to her or her family.

Why did Gwen give up thinking that Theresa was still alive?  Theresa is the only one who would have cared that much about not sending little Ethan to boarding school.  We would really hat to think that Gwen is losing her grip on the Harmony brain.

Why didn't Ethan notice that Gwen wasn't really doing much to help little Ethan and "Gertrude"?  All Gwen was doing was standing around while Ethan was trying to save them.

Since Eve, Julian, and Vincent were not at Eve's house, who was watching the baby?  No one else knows that Vincent had a baby besides Sheridan so who's watching him?



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