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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #309

5/12/08 5/16/08

Theresa drugged Ethan and Gwen
Theresa conveniently had drugs at her disposal and drugged Ethan and Gwen's drinks.  She wanted to have sex with Ethan so she drugged them.  This was shades of when she drugged Ethan before.  She must love raping Ethan.  Her actions, like before, were no different from a man drugging a woman in order to have sex with them.  We don't know why the writers glossed over the fact that Theresa raped Ethan again.  Just because she has a large fan base that doesn't excuse her behavior.  If Gwen did the same thing, the writers would have written it up as a rape.  Anyway, Pilar tried to tell Theresa that drugging Ethan and Gwen was wrong, but Miss Hardheaded didn't want to listen.  She had to do it anyway because she needed to be in Ethan's arms.  Well thanks to her need to be in his arms, Gwen saw her with him.  She should be glad that Ethan was able to convince Gwen that she is dead or else Gwen would have been on the phone with Juanita.  It's too bad Gwen was convinced.  We wanted to see Juanita go after Theresa since she was bold enough to rape Ethan again.

Noah and Paloma could have stayed gone
They were so boring this week.  Watching them trying to be romantic was like watching a pot of water boil.  The only exciting thing was watching the evil sparks fly in the room.  At least the sparks put us out of our misery.  They went to confront Tabitha and ended up insulting her house.  They said again that weird things happen in her house.  They think the house is weird, but they keep staying in it.  Who would stay in a house that they think is weird?  We know they want privacy to get it on, but they could find a cheap motel to go to.  They don't have to stay in a place that's weird.

Pretty wanted to stop Sheridan from saving Lancy
When Sheridan wanted to save Luis and Fancy from crashing in the jet, Pretty barged in the cottage to stop her.  Pretty didn't want Sheridan to ruin her plan of killing Luis and Fancy.  Sheridan wouldn't listen so Pretty tried to fight her down.  Pretty was determined to keep her from talking Luis into landing the jet.  Sheridan had to punch Pretty out in order to save them.  Pretty is really losing her mind.  She deserved that punch since she wants to take out our eye candy Luis. LOL!  We can accept Pretty killing Fancy, but she better leave Luis alone. LOL!

Eve didn't want to turn in Vincent
We couldn't wrap our heads around the fact that Eve didn't want to turn in Vincent.  After he gave birth to his son.  Julian was ready to call Sam so he could arrest Vincent.  Eve stopped him from turning Vincent in.  She mentioned how Julian wouldn't want the publicity that would surround him if the truth about Vincent came out.  She also mentioned that he is the father and grandfather of Vincent's baby.  Then to top it off, she reminded him about the publicity he's going through because of his penis.  That did the trick and he didn't call the police.  We could understand Vincent throwing those things up in Julian's face because he didn't want to go to jail.  What we don't get was Eve wanting to protect Vincent.  Why would she want to protect him after what he did to her?  Also, she was the one who wanted to turn Vincent in to save Luis.  She thought his crimes were wrong.  A few weeks ago, she was ready to turn him in because of what he made her do to Julian's penis.  Now that Vincent's had the baby, she wants to protect him.  She would deserve it if Vincent goes after her because she had a chance to have him arrested, but she didn't take it.

Pilar gave herself away
Pilar made it easy for Gwen to figure out that Theresa is alive.  When Gwen tried to tell Pilar about Theresa, she didn't appear shocked.  She tried to make Gwen think that she felt guilty over Theresa's death.  When that didn't work, she tried to convince Gwen that she was drinking or on drugs.  Gwen noticed Pilar's behavior and figured out that she knew all along that Theresa was alive.  Pilar would have been better off treating Gwen like garbage the way she has been treating her.  Gwen might not have been on to her.

Luis and Fancy nitpick
Luis and Fancy didn't notice how Pretty was drinking when they were celebrating their engagement.  Did they forget that Pretty is supposed to be pregnant?  A pregnant woman wouldn't drink.  We know that Luis is a blockhead, but what was Fancy's excuse?  You would think that she would have jumped on the chance to nail Pretty.

Luis wanted to tell Sheridan about his engagement
What made Luis think that Sheridan would be happy about his engagement to Fancy?  He should have known that Sheridan loves him so the last thing she would be happy about was their engagement.  It was as if he wanted to rub her nose in the fact that he's engaged.  We know that Fancy couldn't wait to show off the ring, but Luis should have been a little more sensitive.




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