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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #308

5/5/08 5/9/08

Theresa nitpicks
Where is Theresa getting all of her clothes?  Gwen and Rebecca put all of Theresa's clothes in storage yet she always has a change of clothes.  Also, Theresa had a cell phone when Pilar wanted to know if she told Ethan the truth about being alive. Theresa broke her phone in Mexico to keep Juanita from using it.  It is not likely that she would have been able to get a new phone with the same number that fast.  She didn't give a number to Pilar so she must have the same phone.

Paloma and Noah are hypocrites
As we mentioned last week, Paloma got a taste of her own medicine when Noah wasn't ready to forgive her for kissing Roberto.  She had the gall to use Noah's excuse for why she kissed Roberto.  When Noah didn't buy the excuse of weird things happening in Harmony, she thought he knew how she felt when she caught him with Fancy.  How long was she waiting to throw that up in his face?  She practically begged Noah not to break up with her because she loves him.  That sounded familiar.

On the flip side, Noah had some nerve getting upset that Paloma used the "strange things in Harmony" card.  That excuse was good for him to keep using, but he wasn't buying it when Paloma used it.  It was a bad excuse when Paloma couldn't explain why she was kissing Roberto.

Theresa had her chance to tell the truth
If Theresa wanted to tell Ethan the truth, she could have told him instead of setting up a romantic setting.  She kept stalling when Ethan finally made it to the spare room.  Nooo. She had to fix her hair and then fix her face.  Ethan wouldn't have cared what she looked like so she didn't have to look picture perfect.  While she was stalling, Gwen managed to show up to the room.  Theresa heard her talking to Ethan and didn't want to reveal herself at first.  When she decided that it didn't matter that Gwen was in the room, she overheard Ethan saying how Juanita escaped prison.  Then she locked herself in the bathroom. Ethan and Gwen wanted to know who set up the romantic setting.  When Theresa made a noise in the bathroom, Ethan and Gwen were obsessed with finding out who set up the room.  After Gwen broke the door, she and Ethan saw Theresa dressed up as Gertrude.  It's a good thing Theresa is a quick change artist or else she would have been caught.  Theresa claimed she set the spare room up for Gwen and Ethan as a way of making up for her attitude about little Ethan.  Then she complained to Pilar about Gwen getting to spend time with Ethan.  If Theresa wanted to spend time with Ethan, she should have said
something to him.  She has no one else to blame but herself or why Ethan doesn't know she's alive.

Pretty wanted to kill Luis and Fancy
Pretty wanted to kill Luis and Fancy since she couldn't have Luis.  When Luis and Fancy wanted to go on the Crane jet, Pretty thought they were going to elope.  She wasn't about to let that happen.  She showed up at the airport and drugged the pilot's coffee.  She wanted Luis and Fancy to die in a plane crash.  We understand her feeling that she would rather see Luis and Fancy die if she can't have Luis, but why kill the pilot?  He was nice to her before he got on the plane.  Also, he is innocent.  He is not the reason why she can't have Luis.  Pretty would rather see an innocent man die just because she can't be with Luis.  The girl didn't even have the decency to feel guilty about the pilot dying.  She needs some psychiatric help.  If she wanted to kill anybody, why not kill Fancy?  With Fancy out of the way, she would have a better chance of getting Luis back.  Besides, it's an acceptable loss if Fancy dies.  We wouldn't care. LOL! Just kidding.






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