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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #307

4/28/08 5/2/08


Fancy and Luis made Pretty's plan easy
Fancy's insecurities are going to make Pretty's plan to break up her relationship with Luis easy.  The more she gets upset that Pretty wants Luis to spend time with her, the more Pretty knows she can make her look jealous.

Luis is such a sucker that Pretty will be able to play him like lotto.  He had plans to spend the day with Fancy, but he let Pretty guilt him into spending time with her.  All she has to do is threaten to have an abortion and he's putty in her hands.  Things may have worked out for him and Fancy for now, but Pretty will most likely come up with another plan to keep them apart.

Gwen needs to forget about Ethan
Gwen must be a masochist in order to pursue being with Ethan.  He has made it perfectly obvious that he doesn't care for her.  When he kept defending little Ethan after he turned her blue, that should have been it.  Ethan did find a way to top that.  After he and Gwen made love, she busted him looking at Theresa's picture and telling the picture how he'll always love her.  Gwen pretended she didn't hear it and wanted to make love again.  While they were making love, he said he will always love her.  She knew he was thinking of Theresa.  It doesn't take rocket science to realize there is nothing she can do to get him to forget Theresa.  She must have no pride to keep enduring his garbage.  The writers keep spitting in Gwen fans' faces by constantly having her do what she can in order to get Ethan.  The Gwen we know would never degrade herself this way.

Ethan crying the blues
We are sick and tired of hearing Ethan complaining about not having Theresa around.  Conveniently, he wished she could come back to life to be with him. Everything reminds him of her.  Well he obviously doesn't care about that when Gwen is rocking his world in the sheets.  It wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't moved on with his life with Gwen.  If he's so miserable, why doesn't he tell Gwen to take a hike and be alone with his memories of Theresa?

Sheridan needs to give up
Sheridan needs to give up on getting Luis back.  We are ready to give up to.  She heard Luis tell Fancy that she is the only woman he loves yet she still thought she had a chance with him.  Once she saw Luis propose to Fancy, that should have been the final nail in the coffin.  We have a bad feeling that she will go along with Pretty's plan to break up Luis and Fancy.

Luis proposed to Fancy
As we said in the previous rant, we give up on seeing Shuis reunite before the show goes off the air.  Watching Luis propose to Fancy was like sharp knives going through our hearts.  It was such an insult to Shuis fans.  Luis and Fancy were barely together, but Luis can propose to her. The writers built Shuis up to be the supercouple of the show, yet the best Shuis fans could get was a commitment ceremony.  The writers have no respect for Shuis fans.  They would rather cater to the fanbase of a couple who is a rebound couple.

Paloma got a taste of her own medicine
Paloma got caught kissing Roberto. She didn't do it voluntarily, but Noah caught her.  Evil made Paloma and Robert kiss just as Noah walked in.  She tried to blame it on the strange things that happen in Tabitha's house.  Noah wasn't buying that excuse.  It served her right that he didn't believe her since she wouldn't believe him when he used that excuse. Ironically, she ripped into Noah for kissing a woman at the Blue Note, but she wanted him to get over what he saw.  Hopefully he will call off the wedding the way Paloma kept calling it off.






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