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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #306

4/21/08 Ė 4/25/08

Pilar and Paloma didnít recognize Theresa
When Theresa and little Ethan were talking in Gertrudeís room, Pilar and Paloma barged in the room.  They thought Gertrude was Theresa because she sounded like Theresa.  Pilar went the extra mile and said she would know her own daughterís voice.  Really, Pilar?  You would know your daughterís voice, but you donít know her face?  Isnít that something?  When Gertrude gave Pilar her ways of how she would raise children, she said things that Theresa would say.  For some unknown reason, Pilar still didnít get the Gertrude/Theresa connection.  Guess you donít know your daughter the way you think you do, Pilar.

Gwenís attitude about little Ethan
Why does Gwen think so little of little Ethan?  She suddenly thinks heís a brat.  Well before he put the blue dye in her bath water, he didnít really give her a reason to refer to him as a brat.  We remember when she loved him as if he were her son.  When she and Ethan adopted him, she did everything she could so she could have custody of him.  She even had her mother call child protective services to take him away from Theresa and had her declared an unfit mother.  Fast-forward years later and she thinks heís a brat.  This was a woman who didnít want Juanita to hurt the children but now sheís in a hurry to make him go away.  Obviously, this is one more way that the writers are trying to make Gwen look like a bad mother while hyping Theresa up as mother of the year.  This would be the perfect segue to the next rant.

Theresa is not a good mother
There are no good mothers on the show with the exception of Tabitha, yet the writers are trying to beat us over the head with the fact that Theresa is a good mother.  Pilar and Ethan went overboard trying to tell the audience what a great mother Theresa is.  We must be watching another show because the Theresa we see is a terrible mother.  This is the same woman who has abandoned her kids and always put Ethan before them.  Everyone should have a mother like that.  Just because Theresa says (as Gertrude) she would shower the kids with love, that doesnít mean she does it.  The only reason why sheís even around little Ethan is because she wants to be near Ethan.  She hasnít even been near Jane since she first started dressing up as Gertrude.  We know other people arenít around their children, but we are not beaten over the head with how they are great mothers the way we are with Theresa.

Ethan needs a backbone
How on earth does Ethan stand up straight when he doesnít have a backbone?  He kept bouncing back and forth about sending little Ethan to boarding school.  When Gwen reminded him about what the child psychologist said about it being better if little Ethan went to boarding school, he was sold on the idea.  When Pilar and Gertrude talked to him about not sending him to boarding school, he changed his mind.  It suddenly didnít seem like a good idea anymore.  He needs to do what he wants to do instead of letting Gwen and Pilar tell him what to do.

Little Ethanís scheme
Little Ethan thought he was being slick by putting blue dye in Gwenís bath water.  He wanted to get back at her for wanting to send him away.  We understand why he did it, but his prank went too far.  He didnít know what that dye could do to Gwenís skin.  It also made matters worse because she wanted to send him to boarding school ASAP.  He should have tried to kill her with kindness and maybe she would have changed her mind.

Viki needs to get caught
We are sick of Viki getting away with murder.  She was outside of Julianís hospital room hoping that he would die.  She saw another opportunity to get rid of him by stealing his medicine. Eve prescribed medicine for Julian that would suppress his sexual urges or he would die.  That was music to her ears.  She stole the medicine and talked Esme into seducing him so he could die. The girl is crazy and she needs to be in jail.  Instead, she got away with what she did again.

Pretty should feel like dirt tricking Luis
She should have felt like garbage when Luis was telling her how much the baby means to him. Sheís got him excited about a baby heís not going to have.  She also keeps playing the ďIíll have an abortionĒ card if heís not there for her. He may tell her to go through with it.  She ended up getting what she had coming to her when she overheard him telling Fancy that he only told Pretty what she wanted to hear when he told her how important she is to him.








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