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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #305

4/14/08 – 4/18/08

Fancy blamed Pretty for her pregnancy
Fancy was po’d when she found out Pretty was pregnant.  She thought that Pretty planned on getting pregnant.  We all know she did, but Fancy didn’t.  She was just looking for someone to blame.  If that wasn’t enough, she thought that a man would have to be drunk or blind to get Pretty pregnant.  Considering she was the reason why Pretty is scarred, who was she to criticize Pretty’s looks.  Fancy was really being whiny about Luis having a child with Sheridan and a baby with Pretty.  It doesn’t say much for her that Luis was happy at the idea of having a baby with Pretty, but he wasn’t ready to have one with her.  Of course she didn’t let that go unnoticed.  She was going to throw that up in his face.  We were half expecting her to stomp her feet when she whined about not spending time with him because of Luis’s children.  Imagine who she will react if they have children.  Since she expects him to be around her 24/7, he wouldn’t have time to spend with their children either.

Paloma kept defending Roberto
Paloma was looking for reasons to have a fight with Noah.  She found out that Noah was the reason why Roberto was at a seedy club.  The girl had a fit.  She blamed him for Roberto getting arrested.  When Sam said Roberto might get deported, she really went off on him.  We think that she is still punishing him for the Fancy mess.  Anyway, when she went to the Blue Note with Roberto, she found out that Noah was the reason why Roberto wouldn’t have been deported.  She was willing to make up with him then, but she still needed her space.  We wonder if she would have needed her space if Fancy wasn’t in the picture.  If Noah setting Roberto up to be arrested wasn’t bad enough, the demon elf got involved.  He turned himself into a woman and kissed Noah until Paloma caught them.  Needless to say, she was furious with Noah.  She really wanted her space from Noah even though she was willing to forgive him.  It’s so obvious that the writers are just forcing obstacles to make them appear more interesting.  What’s the point of the demon elf going after the most boring couple on the show?  It’s doubtful that anyone would care if they stay together or not.

Theresa tried to ruin Ethan and Gwen’s evening
Predictably, Theresa was listening outside of Ethan and Gwen’s room and heard Gwen’s plans for her and Ethan.  She sabotaged their dinner by putting something in the sauce to make it too hot.  Then she put itching powder on their sheets to keep them from making love.  These immature antics appeared to work. It did ruin their evening at home.  The snag in the plan was little Ethan got snapped at in the process.  Little Ethan was pestering Ethan and Gwen about Jane crying while they were having their itching attacks.  Gwen ended up snapping at little Ethan when he wouldn’t stop telling them about Jane crying.

When Gwen and Ethan wanted to go out to the Blue Note, Theresa tried to talk Ethan out of taking her.  She came up with excuses after excuses to keep him from taking Gwen out, but it didn’t work.  They went to the Blue Note.  Theresa came up with another disguise.  This time she used a blonde wig and got out of the Gertrude costume.  She wanted to make Gwen make a spectacle of herself since Gwen doesn’t like to make a scene in public.  She was going to spill drinks of Gwen and watch her react.  That plan blew up in her face when Noah bumped into her.  The drinks ended up spilling on her instead.  When that plan backfired, she came up with another one.  A waitress walked past her and set a tray of food near her. She thought the food was Ethan and Gwen’s and put hot sauce in it.  Since Gwen is conveniently allergic to hot sauce, Theresa thought that plan was foolproof.  Unfortunately for her, that plan bombed out too since the food wasn’t for Ethan and Gwen.  It was for another woman.

Theresa wanted to leave Harmony
When Theresa felt defeated, she wanted to leave Harmony.  She couldn’t stand the idea of seeing Gwen and Ethan together.  Little Ethan had to beg her not to leave before she agreed to stay.  Her children should have been enough of a reason to stay.  If she was so worried about “dying if she stayed”, why did she come back to Harmony?  She could have stayed in protective custody.  That’s right.  She thought the reason for leaving would have been a legitimate excuse for her to go.  If she didn’t think Ethan would forget about her and move on with Gwen, she wouldn’t have cared one bit about leaving.

Gwen wanted to send little Ethan to boarding school
Rebecca interrupted Gwen’s alone time with Ethan by bringing up their conversation about little Ethan.  Gwen wanted to send little Ethan to boarding school.  She should have known Ethan wouldn’t have wanted to go along with that.  She keeps pushing her luck with him.  She and Rebecca went so far as to get a mailman to pretend to be a doctor in order to convince him to send little Ethan to boarding school.  She has to try this hard in order to get rid of little Ethan?  The only thing this plan is going to do is blow up in her face.

Pretty’s plan
Even though we like how Pretty’s fake pregnancy may come between Luis and Fancy, we don’t see how this plan will work.  She only bribed one nurse so how was she going to get her abortion?  What would she have done if Luis told her to get the abortion?  What if another doctor checked her?  There is no way she will be able to get away with this plan.  She will end up having to go through with filling a pouch with sugar the way Beth did.

Eve gave in to Vincent
Eve wanted to sell Vincent out to Sam.  That was about as useful as a broken phone because he threatened her to stay quiet.  He threatened to kill Whitney and her children, Simone and TC if she said anything.  Eve was still willing to sell him out until he threw up in her face that Julian would sue her.  Then she was willing to keep quiet.  She must not care that much about her children or else they would have been enough of a reason not to say anything, not a lawsuit.







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