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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #304

4/7/08 – 4/11/08

Pilar was too smug
When Pilar confronted Gwen about telling Ethan the truth, she was just too smug about it.  She didn’t care what Gwen said, she was going to tell Ethan the truth.  She got smart one too many times that Gwen was able to put a stop to her cockiness.  If Pilar wanted to tell the truth, she shouldn’t have told Gwen what she was doing.  She should have just told Ethan without warning Gwen.

The hospital let Eve operate on Julian
That completely blew our minds.  How could anyone at the hospital allow Eve to operate on Julian knowing that she could barely stand up straight?  Was there a shortage of doctors at the hospital that they had no other choice but to use Eve?  It was so convenient that she was the only doctor to perform Julian’s surgery.

Eve listened to Vincent
During Julian’s surgery, a nurse tried to stop Eve from making things worse for Julian.  Instead of listening to the nurse, she listened to Vincent.  Vincent was not a doctor so why would she go along with what he said?  One of the things Vincent told her to do was cut Julian’s penis.  Cutting his penis was supposed to make it easier to put back on.  The nurse thought that was wrong, but Eve listened to Vincent.  Then when Eve was attaching the penis, she put it back on upside down.  The nurse kept telling her that it was upside down, but Vincent said it was right.  Of course Eve listened to Vincent and put Julian’s penis on upside down.  We know she’s supposed to be drunk and high, but that was ridiculous.

No one recognized Theresa except little Ethan
Theresa didn’t look any different dressed up as Gertrude, yet no one recognized her except little Ethan.  It wasn’t as if she had a mask on or something.  She just had on a wig, glasses false teeth, and a fat suit.  Other than that, her face looked the same.  She also sounded the same despite her little attempt to disguise her voice.  Theresa is supposed to be the love of Ethan’s life, but he didn’t recognize her. Sure he had a couple of flashes of Theresa, but he didn’t make the connection.  What was even stranger was the fact that Ethan felt her presence a couple of weeks ago when he was on the wharf, but he didn’t feel it when she was right in front of him.  What was worse than Ethan not recognizing her was Pilar not recognizing her.  Theresa is her daughter, but she didn’t know it was her.  We’re pretty sure that Theresa has played dress up as a child so there’s no reason why she didn’t recognize her.  Are we supposed to buy that a child could recognize Theresa, but her own mother couldn’t?

Fancy started trouble with Pretty
When Fancy and Pretty got to the hospital, Fancy demanded to know why she was at the hospital.  Julian is Pretty’s father so she had every right to be at the hospital.  If that wasn’t enough, Fancy was more worried about Pretty going after Luis than her father.  What a way to have your priorities mixed up.

Roberto coming between Paloma and Noah
Maybe we’re alone, but we could care less about Roberto coming between Noah and Paloma.  Apparently the writers are going to rewrite Roberto and Paloma’s story the way they did with Kay and Miguel’s.  Roberto wants to be friends with Paloma before getting together with her.  If Roberto is supposed to spice things up with Noah and Paloma, the plan is not working.  Noah and Paloma are so boring together that it doesn’t matter if they have an interloper coming between them.

Random thoughts

Since when has Jane looked “so much” like Theresa?  There was never any reference to her looking like Theresa, but now that Pilar wants Gwen to be reminded of Theresa, Jane suddenly looks like Theresa.

What are the odds that itching powder and spice powder (or whatever it was) would be in little Ethan’s magic bag?  Theresa used those things to ruin Ethan and Gwen’s romantic evening.

It shouldn’t have been so easy for the nurse to change Pretty’s records.  You would think that the nurse would have had some pride and refused Pretty’s offer.

Why does Eve act drunk one minute and sober the next?  It always takes very little for her to sober up.









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