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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #303

3/24/08 – 3/28/08

 The writers are butchering Gwen
The writers prove over and over that they don’t care about Gwen. They also prove that they don’t care about Gwen fans.  As you all may know, we are Gwen fans and this story is so painful to watch.  Gwen constantly has to humiliate herself in this E/T/G story.  This week, she all but got on her knees to get Ethan to have sex with her.  She got tips from Rebecca on how to seduce him. The tips worked and she got him to have sex with her.  Unfortunately, he called out Theresa’s name in bed.  As if she didn’t have to go through enough being second best, she had to endure the humiliation of being called her worst enemy’s name in bed.  If that wasn’t bad enough, Theresa had to find out that eh called out her name in bed.  Things like that make us so frustrated with the story.  The writers are doing anything they can to ruin Gwen’s character.  It’s as if the writers don’t care that Gwen has fans too.  Theresa’s fanbase are not the only ones watching the show.  Gwen fans are sick of her going down the road of no return.

Fancy’s so-called apology
Fancy went to Sheridan and Pretty to apologize for her behavior.  Sheridan and Pretty weren’t over the moon by her apology.  We can’t say we blame them.  Her apology was so phony.  We had trouble believing that she was sorry.  She showed just how sorry she was when she lashed out at Pretty the way she did.  When she thought that Sheridan and Pretty didn’t want her to be with Luis, she let her claws out.  She tried to put Sheridan in her place, but it didn’t work.  Sheridan was able to shut Fancy’s mouth by reminding her about her past with Luis.  Then Fancy went after Pretty.  She all but said that Pretty’s face would be enough for Luis not to be with her.  Considering she’s the reason why Pretty is scarred, she shouldn’t have brought it up.


Fancy wanted to learn to tango and have a baby
Sheridan made the mistake of telling Fancy that she and Luis were connected through the tango and through their child.  That put a light bulb in Fancy’s head.  She wanted to learn the tango.  Luis was suspicious of her motives for wanting to learn since she didn’t like the tango.  When he taught her the tango, Sheridan and Pretty were watching.  Luis said that dancing with her was as if he never did the tango before.  As Shuis fans, we were irate.  The tango was a special dance for Shuis.  Luis and Fancy’s tango was a low rent version of Shuis’s.  Luckily we didn’t have to see those scenes for very long.


Fancy wanted to have a baby with Luis.  She thought that the baby would bond them together.  The girl is pathetic.  She has to try this hard to compete with Sheridan for Luis’s heart.  We truly enjoyed the look on Fancy’s face when he turned her down.  She was so spoiled and whiny when he turned her down.  She automatically leaped to the conclusion that he didn’t want to be connected to her or have a future with her.  He reassured her that they should wait to have kids when they are ready.  What more did Fancy need?  If she’s so sure that Luis is going to be with her forever, why did she have to copy Sheridan’s past with Luis?


Ivy showed her true colors with Pretty
Pretty asked Ivy to help her get a man to love her.  Ivy assumed that the man Pretty wanted was Luis.  She refused to help her.  Pretty thought Ivy was choosing sides between her and Fancy.  Ivy denied that she was choosing sides.  We don’t often side with Pretty, but she’s right.  Ivy did seem like she was choosing Fancy over her.  Ivy would scheme to get Ethan and Gwen together, but she suddenly turned over a new leaf when it concerned helping Pretty get Luis.  No wonder Pretty ripped into her.  That will be discussed in the Raves section.


Ethan keeps leading Gwen on
As we mentioned earlier, Ethan humiliated Gwen by calling out Theresa’s name in bed.  He apologized to her, but he pretty much blamed her for why he did it.  He gave her the song and dance about her knowing how he feels about Theresa.  He thought it was okay to humiliate her just as long as she knows that he loves another woman.  How would he feel if the same thing happened to him?  He could have told Gwen that he was not ready to sleep with her.  Gwen didn’t have a gun pointed to his little Ethan so he wasn’t forced to have sex with her.  He needs to find a backbone and let her know that he is not ready to move on with her instead of leading her on.  He wouldn’t have to worry about her or anyone else shoving Gwen down his throat if he did.

Theresa cracked about what Gwen had to do in order to get Ethan in bed
When Theresa had to hide in the mansion to avoid being seen, she wandered in Gwen and Ethan’s room.  She turned her nose to the sex toys Gwen had to use in order to entice Ethan.  She hid behind the curtain when Gwen and Ethan came back to the room.  When they were about to have sex, Ethan chose that moment to recap about calling Theresa’s name out in bed.  Theresa was glad that he did that to her.  We wonder if she felt that way when he did the same thing to her.  When Theresa drugged him to make him think that she was Gwen, he clearly called out Gwen’s name.  Did she think it was so funny then?  Also, she was no one to judge what Gwen had to do in order to get him in bed.  At least she didn’t have to drug him and pretend to be someone else to do it.








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