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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #302

3/17/08 – 3/21/08

 Ivy was a hypocrite
Ivy kept going on and on trying to make Ethan move on with Gwen.  She said it was important for a mother and father to be together for the child.  She told him about how grief is hard and he had to move on.  She must have forgotten that she’s why Sam had to experience grief.  She wasn’t really in a position to give advice about moving on after what she did to Sam.

Ethan doesn’t love Gwen the way he loves Theresa
We had to keep hearing that every five minutes from Ethan.  That was driving us nuts.  We got it the first hundred times he said he loves Theresa more than Gwen.  With that said, why would he consider moving on with Gwen?  He could have stayed alone and cried over Theresa.  Gwen didn’t blackmail him or force him to be with her so he didn’t have to agree to be with her.  If he’s going to tell anyone who would listen that he doesn’t love Gwen the way he loves Theresa, he may as well stay alone.  On top of everything, he was so cruel about being with Gwen.  He whined to Sam and Ivy that he would be “stuck with Gwen” since he can’t be with Theresa.  He doesn’t have to be “stuck” with her.  As long as he keeps “settling” with Gwen, we will always feel the need to rant about it.


Gwen kept begging Ethan to be with her
Once again Gwen kept begging Ethan to be with her.  He clearly didn’t want to be bothered with talking about moving on, but she kept driving it home.  She must not be able to take a hint because she was happily planning their lives together, but he didn’t look happy.  She won’t give him a break for five minutes without bringing it up.  He was honest with her about his love for Theresa, but she has the nerve to get upset that he can’t get her out of his head.  What did she expect?  Did she expect him to forget about Theresa just because she wants a life with him? We are so sick of watching our girl lose her dignity to Ethan.  We want her to realize that Ethan is not the end all be all.


Where is Alistair?
Where has Alistair been?  He has been spoken to, but he hasn’t been seen.  Pretty spoke to him on the phone last week and Viki spoke to him this week.  We wonder if John Reilly left the show or something.


Theresa chose to go home
Theresa almost got herself into a pickle when she tried to go home.  When she was eavesdropping on Juanita and a cop, she was hiding in a crate.  She made a noise and almost got shot up.  She was lucky and managed to get out of the crate.  She had help from a woman named Elena.  She helped her stow away on a train so she could go home.  The problem is, Theresa knows that going home will risk her family’s lives, yet she did it anyway.  She would have been better off staying with the DEA agent.  If/When something does happen to her family, she will be crying about not meaning to hurt her family.  It will be too late for her to be sorry once Juanita goes after her family.


Sheridan’s haircut
No offense to the actress, but we really didn’t like her new haircut.  It is cut too short in the back.  We have a feeling that the writers did this because she and Fancy were starting to look alike and they must not have wanted that anymore.


Sheridan wanted to help Pretty
The last thing Sheridan needs to do is help Pretty break up Luis and Fancy.  Pretty has no intention of letting Sheridan get Luis so she shouldn’t help her.  Pretty will throw her under the bus if Luis finds out that she worked with Pretty to break up his relationship. Sheridan may as well give up on getting Luis back.  We are pretty much giving up hope on them getting back together.  Speaking of Sheridan, she had a problem doing anything to hurt Fancy, but she had no problem using her son to break them up.  The writers are doing anything they could to make Sheridan into a monster while having Fancy be a saint.








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